Jun 27, 2011 • By

The future of open innovation

Jeff Bellairs, senior director of the General Mills Worldwide Innovation Network (G-WIN) was recently featured in a “Food Navigator USA” article about the evolution of General Mills’ open innovation program. In the interview, Jeff shared his predictions on what new and different open innovation practices will shape the way collaborations and partnership of the future will be done.

While speaking to reporter Elaine Watson of Food Navigator, Jeff explained, “The process will continue to evolve. We’re good at one-to-one collaborations where we work with a partner to solve a problem, but in future we will be looking at many-to-many collaborations where we work with a consortia and plug into a network of solution providers.

Read more about the history of the G-WIN program and Jeff’s insights on open innovation in his “A Taste of General Mills” post titled “I was an open innovation skeptic.”

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