Minneapolis tornado hits home

Kevin Klehr’s home in North Minneapolis was his sanctuary. He bought it several years ago with his wife, and the couple – through long hours and hard work – had begun a labor-of- love renovation process.

A tornado that hit Minneapolis on May 22 had other ideas.

The twister damaged his home, and so did the looters who went through it after the storm.

Facing a ransacked house and debris throughout his yard, Kevin thought his luck had run out, except for one fact … he works at General Mills.

This video shows how some of his colleagues reached out to him – and others in the area affected by the tornado – to shine a ray of hope on what had seemed a hopeless situation.

Editor’s note: We also recently ran a series of blog posts on our employees in Joplin, Mo., affected by the devastating May 22 tornado there.

Naamua Dodu is the director of issues management in Global Communications at General Mills, based in Minneapolis. She is responsible for identifying, prioritizing and developing the corporate position on issues that could impact the company. She began her career at General Mills in 2010.

Naamua Sullivan


  • Anthony

    This was a pleasant story to read and watch. Good to see you reporting and blogging again Naamua.

    Regardless of all the wicked in the world, humanity still exists!