Mar 23, 2012 • By

5 questions with Jann Atkins

With the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest now just days away we chose Jann Atkins for our latest interview in our “5 questions” video series.

Jann has her hands on many things involving the Bake-Off, from well before the first recipe is submitted, to the testing, and to her duties at the contest this Monday in Orlando.

Jann is the manager of the Pillsbury Kitchens. In this video, I asked her five questions about her work, some of the behind-the-scenes responsibilities of the Bake-Off and more.

Editor’s note: Read more about Jann in a post on Pillsbury’s Behind-the-scenes Bake-Off blog titled “Road to the Bake-Off Contest Paved with Planning.” Kevin Hunt will be covering the Bake-Off on “A Taste of General Mills,” on Monday and Tuesday.

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