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Nature Valley shows off Trail View

Nature Valley Trail View had its official debut for a crowd at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Tex. Guests at the Mashable House party on March 11 had a chance to see the Trail View site in action, inside Buffalo Billiards.

You can see some photos from the party on Nature Valley’s Facebook page.

Nature Valley also has produced a video that recaps the night, featuring members of the Trail View team and Mashable’s Pete Cashmore. uses video and photos from hundreds of miles of trails in three national parks to provide a unique virtual hiking experience.

Editor’s note: Photos used in this post are from Nature Valley (WireImage, Sarah Kerver.) Check out our previous post about Trail View, on March 8.

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  • Pjonesdance

    Dear Nature Valley,
    I am not one to like granola; however, I am LOVING your Granola Thins!  I can’t get enough of them.  I buy 2 boxes at a time and they are gone within the week!  Although the 2nd ingrediant happens to be sugar, I am hoping that the healthiness of the granola counteracts it, because I cannot get enough of them.  Thank you for creating such a delicious granola snack.