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America’s Helper gets a makeover

Introduced in 1971 as an easy way to make a pound of hamburger feed a hungry family, the Helper brand has been a staple in American homes for decades.

In fact, more than 1 million households eat it for dinner each weeknight. That’s a lot of people that little box is helping.

But, like all good things, evolution is important. So we’re changing some things.

The packaging now has a fresh new look. The product itself is in the process of getting a makeover, with lower levels of sodium, and several new product launches — like Sweet & Sour Chicken, and an even-cheesier Ultimates line.

And, to celebrate this new era of Helper, we have an enormous red truck that’s heading across the country on a mission to hand out samples and to get to know members of those 1 million households.

America’s Helper Tour is making stops in 16 major cities, at a variety of large-scale events and community gatherings.

We’re handing out samples to hordes of hungry players at Little League games.

We’re interviewing community leaders, like firefighters, to find out what the word “help” means to them.

And we’re finding interesting stories along the way that we’re sharing at

The truck has been a resounding success so far. People stop and take pictures with it at gas stations, we’ve been getting letters and Facebook posts about how great it is, and, yes, sales have increased at the locations we’ve visited.

So if you happen to see the truck and “Lefty” – our name for the Helper hand – give him a wave or a hug and ask for a sample of the new Helper line. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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  • Valerie Aguilar

    where is Lefty going to be in Cincinatti

  • Ginger

    Please bring back TUNA NEWBURG ,it was delicious. Its the only Tuna Helper my kids would it. It had a wine sauce, which might not have went over big back then. Now days with the popularity of wine it would probably sell much better. Our favorite Hamburger Helper is Potato Stroganoff, but it was better when we didn’t have to add our own milk. It must have had powdered milk in it. Hope these comments are helpful.