Adrian Peterson Wheaties
Aug 12, 2013 • By

Wheaties welcomes Adrian Peterson

Another football season is here, and as a Minnesota Viking fan, it’s exciting to see Adrian Peterson on a Wheaties box.

Wheaties just unveiled the first of three limited edition boxes that will feature Peterson, which you should see in stores this week.

Adrian Peterson Wheaties box

Wheaties calls Peterson an “inspiration both on and off of the football field” in a press release, who has “overcome adversity and injury to rank among football’s elite. His leadership and performance made him a natural fit for this honor.”

In that release this morning, Peterson also says he has fond memories of Wheaties from his childhood, hearing his parents tell him he better eat his Wheaties. “I never thought that as a kid that I would actually be on the same box that once had my childhood heroes on it. I am blessed and fortunate to have such an incredible honor.”

Last season, Peterson had his best year as a pro – just months after after suffering a torn anterior cruciate ligament – earning him both player of the year and MVP awards. Peterson also gives his time to numerous charitable causes, and his All Day Foundation raises awareness and funds for programs that help build a better future for at-risk-children.

For the limited-edition Peterson boxes, Wheaties is trying something new. They are partnering with Blippar, an augmented reality platform.

Wheaties consumers who download the Blippar app can then “blipp” or scan the box with their iOS, Android or Blackberry 10 device and unlock exclusive hidden content including an Adrian Peterson video game and some sharable photo opportunities.

Again, the first of the three Peterson boxes is in U.S. stores this week, with two more to follow.

Let’s play some football!

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  • Mark Duren

    It’s now September and I have yet to find a AP box anywhere?????

    • Kevin Hunt

      Hi Mark,

      Where do you live? The first of the three limited edition Peterson boxes is in circulation across the U.S. Let me know where you are at and I can look into the distribution for you. Thanks for reading the blog!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Steve Swan

        Kevin, Im in Montana…do you have dates of release for each box?

  • Steve Swan

    has the second Peterson Wheaties box been released??? I live in Montana and the only 1 we have seen here is the box with bowl in left hand and tossing the football upwards with right.

    • Kevin Hunt

      Hi Steve,

      The second box has been shipped, but if I can get some more specific info I will let you know!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Steve Swan

        thank you, I am also seeing a box listed on E-Bay showing Peterson in a 3-point stance. when was this box produced???, it doesn’t show this particular box on your website.