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Cheerios brings back a familiar family

We’re excited to share the newest commercial for Cheerios – the one that the brand chose to produce specifically to air this Sunday night during the big game!

Here is “Gracie”:

Notice something familiar about that family?

It’s the mother, father and daughter from the “Just Checking” commercial released by Cheerios last May.

“Gracie” provides a fun breakfast moment between all three of them, using a few Cheerios in a creative way, to share some big news for the family – as well as a precious request for a new puppy.

“Cheerios is about families and love and connections — and breakfast,” says Camille Gibson, vice president of marketing for Big G cereals. “Our new Cheerios ad celebrates one of those special moments with a family that America fell in love with. The brand is at its best when it reveals moving insights about what connects us to each other, especially as families, and often through the lens of a child.  The ad quietly celebrates the emotional sharing and simple joys we find when spending just a few simple moments together every day.”


So, what do you think of the ad?

This is the first commercial in the big game for Cheerios, and only the second time General Mills has advertised any of its brands during the broadcast (an ad for Wheaties was the last one, back in 1996).

For more on “Gracie,” we also have a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the ad.

By the way, Cheerios will be making it easier for your family to share a bowl together by giving away 1 million boxes of cereal, today through Feb. 15, through a buy one, get one coupon offer. It can be printed at, starting today, and redeemed at retailers nationwide.

Also, remember to check out The Family Breakfast Project, a partnership with a non-profit organization called The Family Dinner Project.

Cheerios is encouraging families to find seven minutes for sharing breakfast together. The program offers a digital toolkit with food prep ideas, conversation starters and activities and games to help families connect at breakfast. (We blogged about it, here).

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  • Twila Riessen

    I like this one but loved the 1st one

  • Linda Spyhalski

    I love this commercial! Thank you, Thank you for bringing the family back!!!

  • Lila

    LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL!!!! But just hope the puppy is adopted from a rescue or shelter and NOT from a pet store which gets their “products” from puppy mills!!!!!

    • Sharona Kissmei’mIrish Kravitz

      my thoughts too! hahahahah Puppy Mills NOT General Mills! totally agree!

  • CAM

    I love this series of ads…it’s about family. I knew when I saw it there could be some ridiculous controversy (and, of course, there was), but I hope General Mills stands by these sweet ads that promote health and family.

  • Chuck Kronenberg

    A truly beautiful piece! Congratulations General Mills…. Good job

  • Lynxcat

    Beautiful commercial. Liked the first one too.

  • Carol Alomari

    Awesome commercial, I applaud you for continuing the storyline of this family.

  • mary Wms

    Thank you for standing up for diversity. By choice, I live in a diverse world and when the first commercial aired I didn’t notice it was a biracial family. Until the world can have that same reaction, we need companies like you to move forward those that resist the fact that the world is made up all kinds. Plus, a nod to your marketing department for making the commercial more and just another ad about cereal.

  • L Johnson

    I applaud General Mills for the Gracie commercial. It’s so refreshing to have all families represented from America and have all type of solid families associated with a great American standard like Cheerios. It’s about time! Thanks for being brave and sticking by your convictions.

  • M Wolf

    Great Ad make more! “Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead.”
    Family is family period.

  • M. Turner

    Love this little girl and the commercial…….got to buy some Cheerios!!

  • Phil Kajca

    Gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling Nicely Done !

  • Giovanni Lo Bello

    Generally speaking, I hate commercials, will mute or change the channel. I also do not advertise for free for companies that PAY others to advertise for them. There is ONE (soon to be TWO) ads I ACTUALLY look forward to watching & listening to. They are the biracial Cheerios ads. I have saved their URLs on my computer and cell phone. Would like to print, & WEAR, a T-shirt w/ Cheerios logo & Gracie’s adorable expression on it! Who do I contact for permission? Please advice me @

    Having said that, I love “Just Checking” especially the adorable glance Gracie gives the camera. I more than welcome the second ad & continued saga of the biracial family. Kudos to General Mills, Cheerios, their advertising department staff and the advertising agency!

    These advertisements have joined some of the great immortal ads from long ago: Timex’s “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking,” or Alka Seltzer’s “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz or what a relief it is,” and let’s not forget Wendy’s “Where’s the beef.” Kudos again to all involved in this campaign.

    Congratulations General Mills for opting NOT to stop the campaign & going forward w/ a second installation. Would love to see a white man and his black wife w/ their biracial offspring in future commercials.

    Overall, I think General Mills has done wonders for racial diversity in America. Thank

    • Wayne Blevins

      why is this so great to you, i will never buy a general mills product again

      • Giovanni Lo Bello

        Please excuse the delay in responding.

        Maybe I’m being oversensitive or because of my job (paramedic for FDNY Emergency Medical Service) but I do not appreciate been talked down to, or having my intelligence insulted, especially from entities that want me to spend my hard earned money to buy their products.

        Don’t dazzle me with bs, dazzle me with facts. No, not all that technical stuff, but don’t tell me I should buy your product just because some overpaid public/sports figure says I should. Talk about the product, don’t insult my intelligence, (presently I’m at a loss for a good example).

        I work in the ghetto and see all sort of things people do to each other because “he looked at my woman, so I shot/stabbed/punched/ran down. . . . Pick one or create one yourself, in the end it doesn’t matter it’s all stupid sometimes with detrimental outcome. When I see something as sweet as General Mills’ Cheerios commercial it gives me hope for the overall health of these United States.

        I personally feel that being PC has backfired: You cannot expect people to accept something that is shoved down their throat! That only fosters resentment.

        You stated you weren’t going to buy General Mills products. That is not only your prerogative, but your Constitutional right, one which I would fight for your right to do so.

        • mary Wms

          Gio..Thanks for all the hard work you do.

      • Missy M.

        Sorry you feel that way Wayne. I guess I will have to buy double to pick up your slack! 😉 No problem I will pass out all the extra boxes of Cheerios to beautiful biracial children everywhere! :)

  • Chris Logodzinski

    Love these commercials. Life has many colors and it’s great to see them celebrated in this way!! I also love cheerios!!

  • avbaby

    PLEASE, please, let the puppy be a RESCUE!

  • Robert Buonfiglio

    Adorable! And I loved the first one, too!
    (Also pretty annoyed at MSNBC for their misuse of it.)

  • Lee Trott

    cute….family moments are the perfect sales pitch. your media marketing people struck gold with this one

  • Sharona Kissmei’mIrish Kravitz

    I just love this family and love this new commercial. Will be a rescue puppy right? Well done, Cheerios!

  • InTheRealWorld

    GM’s is wrong for using their influence to push this on people, it’s not acceptable to everyone…. Just like gay couples aren’t acceptable to everyone…they are attempting to keep pushing this into view, so people think it’s noramal, everyday, average, when it’s not!

    • Missy M.

      I don’t think General Mills was “pushing” anything. They took an American family idea and made a commercial. It may not be “acceptable” to everyone but it is real. There are a lot of biracial families/children in the U.S. People should not be put down or hated because their Mom and Dad were two different races. For Christians such as myself I see the point of not accepting same sex relationships. I do not however understand the problem with mixed races.

  • InTheRealWorld

    GM’s is wrong for using their influence to push this in people’s face…everyone doesn’t accept this, just like everyone doesn’t accept gay couple’s… I see why, Camille Gibson is behind it, she was also Vice President of Pillsbury, and they had a cookie commercial with interracial family in it too….She is trying to make you think this is normal, everyday, average, but it’s not!

    • jimmadson

      I bet you are a big hit at Thanksgiving dinner.

    • mary Wms

      You’re wrong for being a bigot

  • Shuaib Meacham

    Outstanding. I will buy Cheerios simply because of the social and cultural courage you have demonstrated by not running away from controversy. Thank you.

  • Bonnie M Geiger

    Love them both. I applaud General Mills for the Gracie commercial. Gracie is adorable. Tell the racists to go to Hades where I am sure their views are popular.

  • ghost

    Thanks for the Cheerios ad.. Great. Gotta go buy a box now..
    You’ve been with my generation.. what– forever?
    Love progressive ‘reality’ .. not the right wing hulabaloo

    • bandit

      if G.M stays on this commerical you can bet there shares on stock will go from 48.00 to 15.00 a share

      • Giovanni Lo Bello

        Outstanding! I’d buy as much as could afford.

  • Ruflove

    To:General Mills, I dare you depict a Muslim family.


    Very cute, but we don’t all enjoy having interracial or gay marriage shoved in our face constantly. Given this represents less than 5% of marriages, its clearly done for the shock value .. stop politicizing and just make your dam_ cereal

    • Missy M.

      Actually it is currently estimated at 8.4%. In 2014 6.2% of the population selected “some other race” as their race in the US Census reports. Also I can’t help but think maybe the reason biracial marriages isn’t any higher is possibly because a lot of these people have family like yourself that they are affraid of disappointing. I have had so many good black, hispanic, and biracial friends. I am so glad that I didn’t not get to know them because I couldn’t look past their skin color.

  • s goforth

    Whether this family portrayal is “acceptable to everybody” as one poster stated, I strongly applaud GM for NOT kowtowing to the bigots in this country, and portraying the many interracial families that DO exist in the USA and world wide. I love this commercial, find absolutely nothing offensive about it, and will make a point of patronizing GM in support.

  • Ileanhamilton

    I love this commercial, it gives me a warm and loving feeling. Such a big and honest difference, from you know well honey the stork brought the baby. I am aware that some are screaming about it, and for the life of me I don’t know why. There are other bi- racial commercials on right now, they are on these same people’s TV’s that are posting neg comments. They are in the movies, the store, banks, posters, you name and they are there and have been for billions of years. People are acting like oh my God a bi-racial family, in our mist we can’t have this. Well most of us should take a DNA test and see just what we are mixed with. I think this is very honest, wholesome, and wonderful, and maybe even a help to a lot of parents, who wrestle over a way to announce a new addition to the family. I also hope the people that made the commercial, family or actors are not hurt because of the mean things people say, because they still live deeper than the stone age. None is even considering the little girls feelings, she’s just a beautiful child, that may be very sad as if she or whoever her parents are did something wrong. I have watched your commercial over and over, I had no intentions of watching the super bowl because my no playing team (Cowboys) once again did not have the eye of the tiger. But I will watch it now, just to see your commercial with Gracie in it. My family and I were raised up on most of your cereal, we are very proud of you and your products. People have to deal with their own hate, and not try to bully other people because we don’t feel the blood of one race, is better than another or too good to mix. Thank- You

  • Richard Pence

    Thank you for having the courage to air these great commercials. The idea that love is more important than predjudice is heartwarming. How could anyone dislike such a great kid like Gracie. Cheerios are our favorites.

  • Joe Smoe

    A bi-racial family is not the normal family in America. I do not know who approved this commercial, but they are either very liberal or just ignorant. You have a lot more normal families than bi-racial families so this will not increase GM’s sales. Sales will probably go down if most people feel like I do. I will never buy another GM product as I do not like this being shoved in my face. It is like Ellen Degenerate when she kissed another woman on tv. Ask her how that worked out. Has anyone noticed that in most commercials for any product, there is always a black man with or standing by a white woman. It’s just another in your face and I will not buy any product they advertise.

    • mary Wms

      So Joe, what just constitutes a “normal” family in America to you? A White, God fearing Christian, family made of a Father, a mother, and children that carry only their genetic make up? How about a family where divorced parents have married? How about naturalized Hindus from India with kids? Come on Joe, show your true colors here – tell me

    • Missy M.

      I too would be interested in hearing exactly what a “normal” family in America is! I mean with all the moms killing their children, the dads touching their little girls, all the divorces and blended families, the grandparents raising grandbabies, oh and let’s not forget the parents that are incarcerated! Please Joe tell us, what is a “normal” American family?

  • Amby Duncan-Carr

    I also love the commercial and REALLY hope you go with a dog from a RESCUE or SHELTER and not a backyard breeder/puppymill. PLEASE!! You have influence and the public WILL respond. A family outing to the shelter after a good breakfast of Cheerios, PLEASE!! Adopt, don’t shop!!

  • grammy

    love the ad, refreshing

  • Joann Woolley

    I love the building on a story – I may not like the idea that the kid is bamboozling a puppy out of the joy of having a new baby sibling haha!

  • j. cornish

    This commercial is a total disgrace!!! I grew up with cheerios and the Lone Ranger. I wouldn’t pass on cheerios!

  • simple life

    This commercial is promoting interracial relations with OBVIOUS overtones of sexual content….I am disgusted at your brazenness!! Shame on YOU! Hey how about the next ‘commercial’ you PROMOTE homosexuality and don’t forget to work in the Sexual nature of it all!….Way to go; I refuse to eat Cheerio cereals of ANY kind based on your blatant disregard for my family values!!! There are just some things I’d prefer my children were NOT subjected to – specifically during ‘prime time’ television. SHAME ON YOU for forcing your values – or lack there of – on me and my family!

    • mary Wms

      Good, more Cheerios for the rest of us!

    • Missy M.

      Do you also keep your children out of public? If not be careful there are biracial children everywhere! Lol

    • EJGinWNC

      You’re exactly right and wrote the best post here. This commercial is not about “Family”; it is about mixing races. It’s about making money off of Obama’s black/white parents. PERIOD.

  • Lisa Rountree

    Cheerios is the only cereal I will ever buy again.

  • Hilary

    Three (million) cheers for Cheerios! From my family’s hearts to you – thank you SO VERY MUCH for that amazing, funny Super Bowl ad. The minute we saw it we knew that racist heads would be exploding and the social media streams would be flooded with moronic pronouncements. These belong to an old paradigm that needs a good kick to shift. Bless you for your vision, your courage, your ad team’s creativity, and for making some damn good cereals, too!

    • Jennifer Kulhavy

      Wow– you naysayers are crazy, negative, disillusioned and just plain ignorant. All kinds get married, all kinds have babies, all kinds divorce. It’s a sweet commercial with a sweet, simple message.. Let it be what it is!

  • Bonnie Drewniany

    Cheerios “Gracie” won the Univ. of South Carolina’s Super Ad Poll. We hope the Saatchi & Saatchi creative team will come to campus to receive the Cocky Award for Best Super Bowl Commercial of 2014. #UofSCAdPoll

  • EJGinWNC

    This commercial is not about “Family”. It’s about mixing races. No problem….but let’s call it what it is.

  • Jerry Ferreira

    I dislike this commercial. The girl is a such a player. Why do the parents let her manipulate them into buying her a puppy just because they’re having another child?