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The Monster Cereal news you’ve been waiting for

Every year around this time, the heavy steel door to the cereal vault creaks open and we reveal which of our Monster Cereals stay put and who gets to come out for Halloween.

This year, the news is frighteningly fantastic.

We’re excited to announce that the Monster Cereal team has partnered with DC Entertainment, home to DC Comics, for exclusive illustrations on each box of Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Franken Berry cereal – it’s the Monsters like you’ve never seen them before!

monster cereal 2014

DC Entertainment co-publisher and comic book artist Jim Lee, known for his work on Batman, the Justice League and Superman (among many others), worked on the Boo Berry box.

“Boo Berry all the way! He’s not just a Monster. To me, he was the smartest of the trio and often got the upper hand over the other two monsters,” says Lee. “I had a very personal connection to Boo Berry growing up, it was my favorite cereal.”

Lee says illustrating Boo Berry was more challenging than he initially thought because drawing simple-shaped characters can be more difficult than detailed characters as every line is critical to the image and shape. He went through six or seven different versions before coming up with an image that worked.

And how does Lee feel about being asked to draw a cereal Monster?

“It was an honor,” he says. “To work on something like Monster Cereal, outside of my usual super heroes work, is definitely one of the highlights of my (non-super hero) career!”

Here’s his Boo Berry design.

Boo Berry DC Comics

In addition to Jim Lee’s work with Boo Berry, illustrator Dave Johnson worked his magic on Franken Berry.

Franken Berry DC Comics

And, artists Terry and Rachel Dodson made Count Chocula extra mysterious.

Count Chocula DC Comics

“We wanted to ensure that Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry still looked like the Monsters our fans know and love, but with a DC Comics twist,” says Lauren Pradhan, marketing manager for the Monsters. “We were extremely fortunate to have Jim Lee and his team design custom comic strips for the back of each box, too.”

monster cereal 2014

More than 40 years of spooky deliciousness and more good news

Count Chocula and Franken Berry have been around since 1971 and Boo Berry joined the squad in 1973. They included the first chocolate, blueberry and strawberry marshmallows introduced to cereal – they’re history-making Monsters! (After their re-release last fall, Fruity Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute are back in the vault).

As a tribute to their monstrous past, Target is once again featuring exclusive retro boxes.

The new Count Chocula and Franken Berry retro boxes are a throwback to 1979 and Boo Berry will be rocking 1980. The boxes feature cut-out masks for super fans who want an instant Halloween costume.

monster cereal 2014 targetThat’s not all!

In addition to the first-ever Monster Cereal partnership with DC Comics and retro boxes, the Monsters will also be part of a free digital game app available on family-sized boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cocoa Puffs exclusively at Walmart.

Monster Cereal fans can conquer different game levels and use codes found inside of specially-marked packages that provide “power up” capabilities.

All varieties and special edition boxes of the Monster Cereals will be available at select U.S. retailers soon and will be at stores nationwide by September.

Finally, we have some extra special news for Monster fans in Canada.

This year, Count Chocula and Franken Berry will also be available at select retailers throughout Canada. No more trips across the U.S. border to stock up! They will feature last year’s packaging for those two cereals.

Can you handle all this Monster Cereal news?!

Tell us, which Monster is your favorite?

Editor’s note: Get more insight about the 2014 Monster boxes from Jim Lee of DC Comics in USA TODAY: “DC Comics artists redesign Monster Cereals characters.”

You can download images of the 2014 Monster Cereal boxes – the DC Comics designs and the retro boxes – on our Flickr page.

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  • coldmilk


    That was awesome! it was like reliving the best scene in Pulp Fiction except in cereal form

    • Kidd Kaos

      I’m glad two of the three are coming to Canada, but Boo to having no Boo Berry. Thats my favorite.
      Maybe “Screamin’ Cherry Cheese Cake would be a good flavor, lol.

  • Carpeteria

    So bummed you guys aren’t doing Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute again this year. I really hope it’s in the works for 2015!

    • Kevin Hunt

      You never know! We’ll pass along your comment.

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Carpeteria

        Fingers crossed. Heck, while I’m at it, can I suggest producing it year round? (Worth a shot…)


      • Russell Wagus

        I think you should do a contest with this year’s release to come up with a new monster cereal to add to next years collection. Have all submissions that are worthy of release posted to this page for us to vote on them. Then Halloween season 2015 surprise us with the winning idea.

        • Kevin Hunt

          We’ll pass that idea along!

          Kevin Hunt
          General Mills

          • Russell Wagus

            Thanks. I had the idea a few years ago but I never got around to sending it in.

          • Anthony Mitchellm

            Please do a Creature from the Black Lagoon/reptilian monster with a lemon-lime flavor!!! It would be ten kinds of AWESOME!!!!

          • Nick Kerr

            I just thought about that and saw your comment. Genius idea!

          • Ali G

            I don’t think lemon-lime works for cereal, or children

          • Ternarian

            Quite some time ago, when I was only eight years old, I submitted an idea to GM for a new Monster cereal. Unfortunately, at that time, the company wasn’t accepting submissions.

        • Jai Guru

          I’m beginning my campaign for Grapezilla, with lizard marshmallows and purple grape flavored skyscraper cereal pieces right now!

      • Newshound24

        Dear Kevin:

        Will they ever bring back the oat formula for the cereal pieces? There would be many delighted customers if you did :)

        Is it because oats were too expensive that the change was made? If so I’m puzzled, because Cheerios is made with oats, and that’s one of the least expensive cereals on the market. Lucky Charms uses oats as well, and that doesn’t seem any more expensive than other frosted/marshmallow cereals.

        Even some info to placate our curiosity would be welcome 😉

        • Frank

          I would like GM to bring back the original Frankenberry round oats & strawberry marshmellow formula . ..Because the one they have been making is crap!!
          Not the way I remember it. Why break what’s not broken!!!
          Please do the right think.

          • Ryan Williams

            I totally agree! I just recently tried a box of Boo Berry and Count Chocula for old-times sake after being a huge fan of the cereals back in the 1980’s. My Count Chocula looks too dark with that nasty shiny enamel coating and the marshmallows even taste different. I’d be stocking up on this cereal around Halloween, but I am far too disappointed to purchase any boxes these days. When I see the glorious original box artwork and old recipe back, I’ll be filling my cupboards up with this stuff.

      • L.e. Eden

        I really need Yummy Mummy, it’s the only orange cream cereal in the world…and it’s direly needed for my monster treat cereal bars recipe. Please, please please…bring back Yummy Mummy.

      • Ryan Williams

        Kevin, try to make your company use the original recipe for the Monster cereals. The taste and consistency of the cereal has taken a real turn for the worse. Whose terrible idea was it to change the taste and look of the cereal??

  • DeeAnna

    Where is Yummy Mummy?

    • Kevin Hunt

      Back in the vault for 2014, DeeAnna – glad you’re a fan!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Dennis Nelson

        Honestly that’s really disappointing. I literally bought over 30 boxes of just the Yummy Mummy alone. This year I’m going to pass now on purchasing any due to the back in the vault ploy GM is doing. You guys seriously ruined my day!

        • L.e. Eden

          We did the same thing,bought around 30 boxes for making Monster marshmallow treat cereal bars. Never thinking it would be our last boxes. We ate them all up. :/ I am so sad to know we can not make them again!

    • coldmilk


  • Jay Malone

    We demand Yummy Mummy!

  • Tammy Lynne Holt

    I LOVE BOO BERRY!!! It’s my favorite :)

    • Cek Sunfire

      The best cereal that ever came out. I don’t care what them health experts say. I’m still alive at 40 and would still love for this to come out. Since I won’t eat any other cereal but Boo Berry.

      • Scott Gulina

        My gosh I love Boo-Berry cereal. As a kid my parents always bought it for me when it was sold all year round. Last year I bought all of the monster cereals and was in heaven.

  • Shadow Jerusalem

    The return of Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy really made my season last year, I was sincerely hoping they would be back again this year. Please as one of many in a league of Halloween lovers and nostalgic for our generation’s childhood back, if only for a minute, please reconsider?

  • Duanne Walton

    I’ll never forget having a bowl of Fruity Yummy Mummy in my dorm room my freshmen year at college (1988-89). It became the talk of the floor!

  • Faraday Defcon

    THANK YOU! I’m in my 40’s and LOVE all of these.
    Dont forget Wolfberry!

  • Kevin Barstow

    aww man no fruity yummy mummy man I’m addicted to that! I guess no fix this year lol

    • Dennis Nelson

      You wanna talk about addicted my friend; i purchased over 30 boxes of Yummy Mummy alone because obviously its the best thing to happen to cereal in the past 20 years but I was also scared it wouldn’t be back the following year and needless to say my worst nightmare has come true. Not to mention all the other monster cereal i purchased for a total of over 50 boxes. All in all it lasted me until about a month and a half ago. GM ruined Halloween this year possibly the remainder of 2014!

      • George

        Dennis. Your a grown man. Stop whining on the internet. Clean yourself up.

        • Dennis Nelson

          Whining? A grown man all right; a grown man who would beat the crap out of you! You go around trolling? Clean myself up? That doesn’t even make any sense. Why dont you try cleaning yourself up? I am sure your just a fat jobless pig who sits at home all day on the couch. Step your life up! Thats the problem with the internet is people like you; they can say anything to anyone but they cant to someone face to face because they are a coward.

  • Justin Smith

    Why aren’t Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy back this year? It’s disappointing you don’t have them again. They were my favorites of the cereals last year.

    • Dennis Nelson

      Yes the nightmare is true. Considering not participating in Halloween whatsoever this year.

  • Arick Allen

    Which Canadian retailers have this and when are they coming out? I see commercials on TV but have yet to see the cereal in stores. I went shopping around for them.

    • Kevin Hunt

      Hi Arick, we don’t have a list of stores to pass along. It’s best to ask the stores you shop in and see what they say, and if they have ordered them!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

  • Tammy

    Is count chocula only available at target in Canada?

    • Kevin Hunt

      Both the Count and Franken Berry will be available in Canada – not limited to Target. It’s best to ask the stores you shop in and see what they plan to sell.

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Ramsin Ganja

        i found them at LONGOS in the GTA area.

      • bluebottle

        why no boo berry in canada?

  • Daniel Dawson

    I really like the new box art, and I’m happy you’re doing another round of retro boxes! I’m running out of last year’s supply (I bought extra to last all year), and looking forward to Halloween. I’m disappointed that Fruit Brute & Yummy Mummy aren’t returning this year, but as I think that if they make a return every couple of years, they’ll stay special.

    I will have to 2nd Carpeteria’s wish to have the big 3 available all year long like in days of yore!

  • Dom Coccaro

    I dig the new designs! I’ll be buying all three. An idea for next year – it’s an idea I’ve had for quite awhile…how about creating a NEW monster cereal? Something for kids today to enjoy and be nostalgic about as adults, a monster cereal to call their own. I know the Creature from the Black Lagoon has always felt left out of the party. 😉

    • Kevin Hunt

      We’ll pass that idea along, Dom!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

    • Nick McCachren

      100% agree!

      How about a Black Berry flavor for Creature? or…..

      The Bride of Franken Berry with Raspberry instead of Strawberry.

      BETTER IDEA!……………

      A NEW monster that would work today like a Zombie! Maybe in a Grape Flavor.

  • Dale Method

    Had a wild hope hope of reinvented Monster versions of Barron Von Redberry (mad scientist?) and Sir Grapefellow (ghostly suit of armor?) being added to the mix. A cereal fan can dream right?

  • Tammy

    Is count chocula only available at target in canada?

  • Doyle Ward

    Alll five cereals, please.. Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy were fantastic additions last year. Plus, in my opinion Yummy Mummy is definately the best.. Please let all 5 come out to play this Halloween..

  • AJ Clark

    But WHICH retailers in Canada and when???

    • Kevin Hunt

      No list of stores to pass along at this time, A.J. Check with the stores you shop in and see what they say!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

  • CoinOperatedBear

    On the plus side, welcome back to Canada, Count and Frankenberry. On the minus side, it’s sad to see that Boo Berry was held up at the border again so I’m still going to have to smuggle him in.

  • Mike Ripplinger

    I’m also disappointed and stunned that Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy aren’t coming back this year. After last year, I hoped they’d become permanent additions, especially after Fruity Yummy Mummy dethroned Boo Berry as my favorite cereal of all time. If I’d known they were 2013-only, I would have stocked up even more than I did. Please bring them back in 2015 and every year after that!

  • Darken Wroth

    Man! I really hope you guys do all 5 this year too! I would really like to see Frute brute and Yummy Mummy redesigned as well! Thanks a bunch for bringing them back last year, I bought 4 boxes of each monster!

  • Tammy

    Got count chocula at zehrs today,

  • Tammy

    They also had frankenberry

  • damien

    Thats all good. But how about having the product all year round. That would be more impressive

  • sandi

    General mills.. please answer the where and when question!!!

  • Gary Molotov

    What retailers will have them in canada I hate when they say select retailers then dont say what ones

    • Kevin Hunt

      Hi Gary,

      We’re unable to pinpoint that for our Monster fans, many factors at play here in the ordering by each store and we don’t have a list of stores. We recommend checking with those that you shop at and asking them if they ordered them!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

  • AJ Clark

    I found it in Fortino’s stores in Ontario, Canada. I believe it was Just under $4

  • ramapith

    Sorry to learn Frute Brute and Mummy aren’t returning this year—the Brute was easily the most delicious cereal I had in ages.
    But there could still be a way to improve it. Why not bring it back next year with something closer to its original formula?

    (Oat-pieces instead of corn-pieces for the basic cereals would be an improvement, too; I’m not sure why you ever changed them.)

    • Newshound24

      Hear, hear! The oat formula was vastly superior in texture, and it let the fruit flavoring come through better. The corn pieces are rougher, less robust, and just seem bland somehow.

  • Eric Hoffman

    As already stated above , bring back the much better original recipe . Also, next year let someone like the artist XNO design the packaging . He has been doing renditions of these cereals for years

  • Lewis Lovhaug

    Count me among those who hopes for another Yummy Mummy appearance sometime. Loved the revamped taste.

  • Santa Cat

    I love this idea!! Brilliant! The boxes alone will be collector’s items. The only way you could one-up this for next year is find three fantastic artists in . . pardon the pun . . High Fructose, magazine for contemporary art and get them to submit. If you could reign in Mark Ryden, he’d be perfect.

  • Mark O

    At 49, I grew up with the monster cereals. I was THRILLED with the re-release of retro covers. I’ve collected covers featuring all the variations of the monsters. These new ones aren’t bad, particularly BooBerry. But there’s a lovable, mischevious cuteness missing from Count and Frank, that I haven’t seen since the 70’s incarnations of the box covers. I can’t understand why GM doesn’t release all the old monster cereal commercials on to DVD. And, a plastic premium inside the boxes would have been a neat feature this time around. Years ago, I submitted a new coloring book idea and drawings, featuring the monsters (I do cartoons). They declined, but I still have my old coloring book from the 70’s. Well, at least GM isn’t forgetting about us big kids at heart who love this stuff. We’re broke, in terrible debt, facing a lawsuit from a debt collector and maybe even facing bankruptcy, but by golly I’ll find a way to buy all 6 boxes…new and retro, this fall! Thanks, GM. Mark O

  • Mark O

    PS….I always thought adding a female character, for the girls, would be fun. Maybe a Bride of Frankenberry, or something.

  • Chris Bright

    Bring back all 5 cereals full time, Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo Berry, Fruity Yummy Mummy, and Fruit Brute. Don’t you know the people who ate this cereal as kids will still buy it? Come on General Mills, you’ll make lots of money!

  • Bronix

    where’s the Frute Brute? That was my favorite. I bought 3 boxes every time I went to the store. So disappointed.

  • Tabetha Collier

    I’m extremelly disappointed that they aren’t bringing back Yummy Mummy cereal. That’s hte best tasting one.

  • Vexxer

    Wish they were available year round.

    • GenesisOmega

      it’s called a sales ploy. If they were around all year, then people would buy them now and then. When they come out seasonally, people stock pile them, which makes GM more money.

  • justmyopinion

    I have been looking all around Peterborough, ON and can’t find it! I am so sad!

  • Judy

    Zehrs Glenridge Centre Waterloo, ON has Frankenberry only. Count is sold out as of this past weekend.. Cheers to the illustrators. Great job!

  • Dead Horse

    I would buy these on a weekly basis if available in my area.

  • Demon Gremlin Goblin Crusader

    MMMMM… FRUITY YUMMY MUMMY Made Last Halloween Taste YUMMY!!!!

    I regret that I only bought six boxes of it now…..
    (I should have stocked up in Y2k preparation quantities.)

    I guess only Count Chocula, Boo Berry, & Frankenberry will be soaking up all my milk this season…. & my tears!!

    I love the classic trio regardless & they will hopefully be part of a complete breakfast for every Halloween Season until I am in the grave!! MAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Cek Sunfire

    I just wish Boo Berry would hit all the grocery stores in Canada. Since it’s once a year. I’m sure the monster cereals will sell.

  • gj cunningham

    General Mills should give the 3 original monsters, marshmallows that match their respective cereal colors. Whatever the future, we will always buy BooBerry, Frankenberry and the Count whenever given the opportunity. First Booberry box was in 1974.

  • Jeremy Ambler

    DC And General Mills Should Make A Animated Movie Cartoon With The Whole Monster Cereal Gang NOW That Would Be Sweet…

  • Patrick Roe

    Please bring back Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy! They were so delicious and quickly became my two new favorites in the monster cereals. The fans loved having them back. I bought more boxes of Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy than Boo Berry and Frankenberry.

  • denise

    Wish you would do the tshirts again… like a few years ago? Missed out.

  • Brian Clutter

    I love that the retro boxes have masks on them! Can’t wait to find those!! Also, I actually had a dream last year that you guys released cereal bowls sculpted in the shape of the Monsters’ heads. I think that would be an amazing bit of merchandizing for next year, either packaged with the cereal itself (as a throwback to the “Free Prize Inside!”) or as something to buy separately. Can’t wait for my first bowl of Franken Berry if the season!

  • Christopher Thomas

    General Mills should use the recipe for the three berry, count chocula, and franken berry from the 80’s . cereal tasted better back than and the 90’s. still though, my favorite cereals. p.s. yummy mummy and frute brute …should comeback as well.

    I have a degree in Cerealogy.

  • Gary Fulfer

    When will these cereals be available for purchase at the retail locations? Are they available now or at the beginning of October?

    • Kevin Hunt

      Hi Gary,

      The distribution varies, but many areas – in the U.S. and Canada – already have them for sale. Now that we’re into September, it should be soon if you haven’t seen them yet where you shop. Get them while supplies last!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

  • Mark O

    Just bought 3 retro boxes at target. They will have the 3 new versions in, soon, and I’ll buy those, too. Very, very cool. 49 going on 10.

  • Cek Sunfire

    Boo Berry should be released to Canada as well. Boo Berry was the best one. Please release it we haven’t seen it in so long.

  • Cek Sunfire

    For Canadians. If you have a freshco in town. They’re carrying the 2 monster cereals.

  • Jarro

    I’d like to make a suggestion. If you do decide to bring back Frute Brute (and thank you for bringing it back last year, I yelled out a hearty “YES!” when I saw the display in the store!), could you please consider using the old 80’s recipe, please? Although, the “reissues” last year tasted great ( I actually liked the newer Yummy Mummy over the older one), the older version of Frute Brute was the best tasting cereal ever!

    And again, thank you for making ALL the Monster Cereals in general… mills. (Pun, but also, sentiment, intended.)

  • syko freek

    Will the Count Chocula bars be back this year? :)

  • syko freek

    Which stores will have monster cereals this year? Most stores are stocking for Halloween now, but I can’t seem to find any yet.

  • syko freek
  • syko freek

    No luck so far on Yummy Mummy or any cereal bars… Will keep looking…

  • Jared Denison

    I can’t find these anywhere in Ottawa?

  • Sara Carnevale

    I was able to purchase franken berry and count chocula here in ontario. Now that my kids fell in love with the cereal I grew up with I vant find it. Will they be coming back?

  • Stephanie Witzel

    Please bring BooBerry to Canada too!!! We love it too!

  • Craig C

    Couldn’t find any yesterday at the Jewel in my Chicago suburb. They did have the Cap’n Crunch Halloween cereal in stock, though. What’s up with that? Also, Target didn’t have any…

  • Jedi Dan 2112

    Big fan of the retro packaging. How about next years retro packaging include the cut-out Star Wars vehicles on the back of the boxes like you had back in the 70’s?

  • Shortcake Robin

    is there anyway to order fruit brute?

  • jermoal

    Anybody else think boo berry and frankenberry need to merge and make a berry monster cereal. And fruit brute and fruity mummy merge make a fruit monster cereal, It don’t look right with 2 berry cereal and no fruit cereal?

  • Andrew Rich

    My wife loves Frankenberry, and I’m a Chocula guy, so, we’re both happy they were both made available; but, still disappointed the the Brute and Mummy weren’t invited to the party…

  • Chuck U Farlie

    While we appreciate the yearly return of these beloved cereals, can we please buy them in the original formula we grew up with. It was far better

  • Peggy Edwards

    Wish I could order the cereal online ! I really want frankenberry and boo berry.

  • Chris Haggen

    I have yet to see a box of mummy cereal for 2014. I had my first box of Mummy last year; my wife found it an Amazon and paid serious money for it. I missed the whole 2012 year of eating Monster Cereals because I was in Afghanistan.

  • Jeff Kearsey

    Why not just sell them year round? There is obviously the demand for it. I came across them at Target today in Montreal. There were only two boxes of CC and about 40 boxes of Frankenberry.

    I’m so sick of having to search around everywhere and having to order from the states.

    Just make this available year round like other popular cereals.

  • Gilby13

    I was in Target tonight, picking up some random stuff, and I was sad to see Yummy Mummy was not available.

  • Chuck G.

    The General Mills website says the Monster Cereals will be available again by September. I’ve been searching, but cannot find any stores that carry them. When will the cereals finally be released?

  • Tammy Farmer Kowalski

    Was really disappointed with this years cereal. Every year we wait for this cereal to come out. There was only a handful, if that of the marshmallows. Very disappointed…..

  • RetroDaze

    How can I get my grubby little hands on one (or more) of the Monster Makeover Box Sets (with the lenticular images) for review on my site?

    • Kevin Hunt

      I’ll ask the Big G team and get back to you if I’m able to get one!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • RetroDaze

        Cool. Thanks a million Kevin!

  • KSR

    Why isn’t Boo Berry available in Canada? We’re excited to see Frankenberry and Count Chocula, but missing Boo Berry.

  • KSR

    Why is Boo Berry not available in Canada? Frankenberry and Count Chocula are awesome, but we miss Boo Berry.

    • Kevin Hunt

      Hi there,

      That was a decision by Big G, but I’ll forward your comment to let them know you are hoping for Boo Berry in the future!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Justin Gruchy

        Where can I find these in Ontario? I’ve searched everywhere but no one has them!

  • Pam White

    I was so dissappointed to see that Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute didnt come back out this year!Yummy mummy is my favorite and I was saddened to find out none this year.I waited a whole year for those again! I stocked up all I could last year when target had them I am sure they wouls sell right off the sheves as they did last year at Target and also if they were in all stores it would be sold out already!Bummer!

  • Vampyre

    I would LOVE to see all 5 back for next year. I too was upset not seeing them at Target. I am hopeful 😀

  • timmysasquatch

    I was really hoping for Yummy Mummy: it’s my second favorite behind Boo Berry. I just bought Boo Berry and was sad that Yummy Mummy wasn’t available.

  • Uncle Bug Music

    I opened a gift wrapped box of Count Chocula the other day! My wife located it in our small town Canadian grocery store. I’ve been telling my kids about Count Chocula and Franken Berry for years. I managed to have one bowl. Went back today and stocked up! :) Thanks for listening to our pleas to releasfe the monster cereals in Canada. I was planning a trip across the border next month for a Berry good reason and now I don’t have to. I literally haven’t tasted Franken Berry for close to 40 years and I’m having some right now for the first time since the early 70s.

  • GenesisOmega

    Headed to Walmart in Nc, USA today, will see if they are out yet, haven’t seen them as of 2 weeks ago, so hopefully they will be released now.

  • Mimatt

    No Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy this year? VERY disappointed.

    Especially since I couldn’t find Fruit Brute ANYWHERE last year.

  • Mark

    I think the Mid September/ October release for all five cereals works. I am bummed Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy are not mentioned as coming out this year.. I would have bought all 5 at least twice.. The retro and new versions. I would totally justify my hoarding of these cereals for the Halloween Season. Like Girl Scout Cookies. I don’t however see myself buying them regularly if they were available all year as much as I love the cereals.

  • kmc212

    Oh, how I love Count Chocula! So happy to see him, again. :)

  • T-Roy

    I’m so sad! No Yummy Mummy this year?! Hope to see all 5 back again next year!!

  • Darcie

    We are not impressed with the new renditions of the “guys” on the boxes at all. Really miss those retro characters! Here’s hoping the cereal still tastes the same!

    • Ryan Williams

      I miss the retro guys too and P.S. — It DOESN’T!!

  • Ja Wid

    Finally THE CANADIAN MARKET is getting ..well …2 of the 3 cereals !!!??!!

    But why no Boo Berry ??? General mills whats up with that ???

    Was able to get all five last year ..both style boxes …

    Will this trend continue for Canadian Market or is it hush hush … cereal fans need to know …!!

    Yes a new monsTer Cereal would be deeevine !!! As mentioned Creature from the Black Lagoon…can see it now …green cereal with little wittle froggie marshmellows

    Peace out



    • Matt

      Hello. Did you find it any stores in Edmonton?

      • Ja Wid

        Yep…only 2 of the 3 are currently hitting in Very limited locals…GOOD LUCK finding the product…lucked outt at a local Sobeys !

      • Ja Wid


  • Chris Chapman

    Eating Count Chocula from the beginning, and glad to be able to continue to do so at 45! Haven’t seen it out yet, but fingers crossed it will be out in the next week or so!

  • Tammy Predovic

    Where can I find Count Chocula and Boo Berry Cereals in Canada? We’ve checked several stores, even going so far as to ask management if they will be stocking it, but no one has been able to help us.

  • Böö Berry Ghöst™


  • RM1971

    where can I purchase franken berry, boo berry and count chocula cereals in el paso,tx???

  • Jay

    WOW I am happy I came by the website. I forgot about these. My husband goes crazy for the monster cereals, he is obessed haha. Is there a way to pre order a bunch ?

  • Sam


  • Mel Hoffman

    We’ve waited all year to get Yummy Mummy!! So sad to see that it isn’t available. We were going to buy an entire case!! Please bring it back!!! Orange flavored cereal is so unique – it should be available all year long. :)

  • Dan Sinema

    Free Yummy mummy and Fruit Brute from the vault!

  • christine

    I wish they’d bring count chocula back year round. it sells out by me so fast. Kevin Hunt, any way they can send me a box? lol

  • NYCBoi

    That’s is so stupid. They should keep all Monster cereals, instead if the 3 they still have!!! I also liked it better when the oats were frosted. I hate that shiny nasty greasy look of it. I know they change it a longtime ago, but put it back to the frosted.

  • Newshound24

    Well, box art is all well and good, but as many have noted, the problem with the Monster cereals (since the late 80s) is not the box art, but what’s inside the box. Namely, the formula change on the cereal pieces from oats to corn.

    The oat texture was heartier, more solid, and had a more robust crunch. It let more of the fruit flavoring come through. It was also easier on the roof of the mouth.

    The corn formula texture is more spongy, porous, less solid, less robust. They remain crispy, but that’s only because a sugar flavored glaze keeps the milk from soaking into the pieces right away. The corn pieces are lighter, but extremely coarse and rough. It’s like chewing on pieces of firebrick. It rips the roof of your mouth to shreds, and leaves the inside of your mouth raw and scraped to the point where it stings when you try to eat other foods afterwards.

    I’d still buy and eat them regularly if they used oats. As it is, I still try buying them around Halloween, in the forlorn hope that they will have changed BACK to oats. But every year, I wind up disappointed, with inferior corn pieces, and an inside of the mouth that’s been torn raw.

    Please, G. Mills – change the monster cereal formula BACK to oats! It’s the flavor and texture that you should be trying to wow us with, not ‘guest artists’ for a box that gets thrown out anyway once the cereal is gone. Going all ga-ga over the artists is kind of silly when it’s supposed to be the CEREAL we want. If oats are still economical (all YEAR round) for Cheerios and Lucky Charms, why not for the monster cereals, which are merely seasonal?

    • Ryan Williams

      Whoever made that change at GM all those years ago is a real nerd.

  • Larry Horn

    I’ve checked four Targets here in Phoenix for the retro boxes. All of them had the “New” retro boxes of Franken Berry and Boo Berry (with the cut-out masks on the back) but the Count Chocula retro box was the same box as last year, with no mask on the back. Are the “New” retro boxes for Count Chocula going to be available?

  • mace

    Please, please, please bring back Boo Berry to Canada in 2015. Thank you.

  • mace

    I don’t remember Frute Brute, Yummy Mummy, Baron Von Redberry, or Sir Grapefellow ever being available in Canada. Does anyone know if they were ever for sale here in Canada?

  • Ja Wid

    Found only 2 of the 3 boxes in WESTERN CANADA…for whatever reasoooon GM is not bringing Boo Berry to the Cdn Market… No idea why the marketing people don’t look outside their creative boxes these days !!!
    The Cdn market place is huge and having a different variety of products like the,se retro cereals is a win win !!
    And don’t get me started on the poOr customer service GM has provided via their 1-800 on the side of the boxes !!!
    There comes a time when a consumer would like an actual answer to a tough question…not just another ” oh,we will pass it on to our marketing dept ” ???!!!!??!!

    Eeee gads people we are talking cereal here…fun ,yummy cereal …

    GM time to put on the big boy pants and some CoOL cereals up here to CANADA !!!

    …nuff said….. 😉


  • Cheryl Loomans-Knigge

    WHERE??? In South Western Ontario can we buy these cereals??? Online even???

  • Dave Riem

    Since Kelloggs screwed me on the mixed berry fruit in the middle Miniwheats can you guys create something similar?

  • Blake Duckworth

    I made sure to stock up this year buying all three cereals. I remember watching the ads on TV as a kid in the 80s.

  • SaturdayMorningCereal

    I miss Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy but was able to purchase Three Boxes apiece before they all disappeared at my local Save-A-Lot.

  • Sonia Gaby Martinez

    What happened with Count Chocula tastes very bad, can’t hardly feel the chocolate flavor. It used to be my favorite, it’s like eating plastic ;-(

  • vincent

    frute brute is my favorite and yummy tummy where are them two why cant we get those too it makes no since what’s
    really going on

  • carolyn

    i found them at CVS and THe treat bars at INgles in South Carolina…bought the last two I need more..

  • Brandon Marquez

    You guys really need to have these cereals out year round, so that way new generations can experience the Monsters, because kids today don’t know who the monsters are, and you should consider doing some new commercials and box art, maybe even some premiums, and not only should you bring back out next year Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy to be year round, but I have a great idea for a new Monster Cereal! Grape Ape, which is modeled after King Kong, but you know, Grapezilla like the other guy had, is also a good idea, and Also you should think about changing Boo Berry’s look, give him back his yellow pork pie hat and red bow tie, and I think that you guys should change the recipe so that they tastes more like what they should taste like, but don’t go back to oats because corn based cereal is better.

    • Soylent Green

      They tasted better because of the original oat-based recipe, which is what they should go back to.

  • Brandon Marquez

    I love Frankenberry and Boo Berry, but you guys should consider releasing all 5 monsters year round instead of just at Halloween, that way, you can bring them to a new generation of kids who have never even heard of them or even tasted them, also I just have to say that I played the Monsters video game and the voices for the Monsters are great! You should consider doing new commericals with those voices! And also maybe some new monster cereals premiums, and maybe do like some new Monster Cereal ideas, but there’s 2 things that I hope you change, First of all, Boo Berry and Count Chocula’s current designs bother me, they look too goofy, Count Chocula should have like maybe a creepy Pencil drawing look or maybe a cel shaded cartoony look, and Boo Berry looks kind of dumb, He should maybe look like his old 70’s self or maybe like Casper the Ghost. And more importantly, he should have his original colors on his hat and bow tie, another thing is that the monster cereals recipes should be tweaked so that they taste more like what they’re supposed to be, My mom, who used to like Count Chocula says that it doesn’t taste as chocolatey as it should be. But don’t go back to Oats because I prefer corn based cereal better.

  • Soylent Green

    Something I’ve been wondering for a long time: Why did General Mills change the formulation of their monster cereals to a corn base? They were originally oat-based and were much better taste and texture-wise. If we only get this stuff for a brief period once a year, I see no reason to not make it as excellent as possible. Bring back the original recipe monster cereals!

  • Ja Wid

    Hey where did my coMments go ???
    AnyhoOt… Western Canada received Frank / the Count but NO BOo Berry…why General Mills …why ??? And box art is from last year US release!!??!!…

    Blah blahhh blahhh


  • Spinks McGee

    Fr00tbr00te you fools!

  • Newshound24

    Finally picked up a box of Boo-Berry the other day. Sadly, they’re still on the corn starch recipe for the cereal pieces – along with all the issues that come with them.

    Please change back to oats, G. Mills. If oats are still economical for cheerios, and Lucky Charms – which are sold year round – then why not for the Monster Cereals, which are merely seasonal? Would I pay extra for the change? Yes. Oats were just that much better.

  • Chad P

    Goblin (or Gobblin’) Grape
    Make it happen.
    We can talk royalties or a naming fee later.

  • Colleen Dowda

    Have you considered putting out a 6 pack of mini boxes with 2 of each monster cereal flavor at Halloween time? That would be super cool!

  • Niria Rocha

    will this be available in mexico?! does anybody knows?

  • Ray

    good thing i still have a few unopened boxes of Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy. Have to break em open. I’ll eat them stale i dont care!!!! lol

  • Mary Day

    Where & when in Canada can I get Frankenberry cereal…Looking to re-establish my youth days. No seriously, where can I find frankenberry.

  • davisbe76

    So, let me get this straight: in exchange for not having last year’s Frute Brute & Fruity Yummy Mummy, we get… redesigned art on the boxes? Man, you guys better fire whoever made that decision. It’s like a giant middle finger to everyone who loved the variety.

  • L.e. Eden

    In the spirit of me seeking a local store to buy our much needed Yummy Mummy tonight and being very sad and disappointed to know it isn’t available…I decided to post what we listen to each Halloween! 1979 Monster cereal-…and this….from 2001 or 2002

  • a person

    yes! the return of the count

  • Michael Niemela

    You need to bring the Monster Cereals back YEAR-ROUND like Trix and Lucky Charms. At the very least,please do another round of PC video games like “Sonny’s Race for the Chocalatey Taste” and include our FAVORITE Monsters! I LOVE THAT GAME! 😉

  • Brenda Click

    I Love Franken Berry!!!!!!!! I always have as a kid and I was so excited when I discovered on last year that you all brought them back every October. Thanks from a fan and cereal eater for life :)

  • Eric Swales

    I am not sure if this blog is still monitored, but I purchased Count Chocula and Frankenberry from Target yesterday and I was a little disappointed. There was definitely something difference about the Count Chocula. It was decent, but not stellar like it used to be. I don’t know what is different, but you would certainly sell more if you returned it to its former glory.

  • tech bat

    the new Count Chocula and Frankenberry boxes are awesome!!! Booberry looks like he has dentures though, especially last year’s box

  • Steve Heaslip

    I wish they would bring back the old recipe for these cereals. Count Chocula and Boo Berry were the best tasting cereals ever until they changed the formula. I can’t stand them now.

  • disqus_GXkU8kzdNL

    These cereals sucked so much this year. No flavor at all. Super cheap.

  • disqus_GXkU8kzdNL

    Whatever you guys change in the way you make these cereals is horrible. It tastes like cardboard.

  • Brian Burke

    BRING BACK YUMMY MUMMY. It’s hauntingly delicious!

  • Brian Burke

    Count Chocula is THE best-tasting cereal (even better than Cocoa Puffs). PLEASE make it available year-round.

  • Bjorn Thompson

    Why does the monster on the monster cereals look different every year?

  • Dawn Byers

    I’m really upset that there’s no Fruit Brute again this year! Fruit Brute is my favorite…. and I just broke into my last stashed box. People were giving me the eye for having a bunch of unopened boxes of cereal in my closet. Please bring Fruit Brute out again next year!

  • Lorrie Sheehan

    Thinking of new monster themes about Wheaty Werewolf or Orangilla (Orange Gorilla) ..

  • Ryan Williams

    This cereal used to taste alot better back in the 1980’s with the original recipe. That weird shiny enamel coating is terrible. Even the LOOK of the cereal is alot different.

  • SuperDave

    Hey Kevin and Team, I’m been a Frankenberry fanatic since the early 70’s and just turned my kids onto your cereal. Curious if there is a licensed product site for Tshirts or other merch?

  • James

    Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute didn’t do it for me. When I saw cartfulls of Yummy Mummy, Boo Berry and Frute Brute (2013) in the clearance eisles with no trace of Count Chocula or Frankenberry it confirmed that they didn’t do it for many others as well. Cherry and orange cream are such awkward flavors to stand alone in a cereal and it doesn’t ring with “Fruity”. I think other fruity cereals could be used as a model for a successful “Fruity” Monster cereal e.g., (Froot Loops or GM’s own Trix). Make the shapes into ghost and throw monstermellos in and voila!!!! You have a fruity monster cereal that lives up to it’s fruity name and has a time tested taste that people enjoy.

  • Lisa

    Please tell me where to get Yummy Mummy ? I had a Supply and my hmmm… Fiance & possibly late friend has opened just now Dec 4, 14 and eatin half of my last box from 2013. I literally sent him to his room without the bowl he poured !!! He has All three of the other disgusting flavors, leave my Orange Cream Alone Mr. Rempo !!! TY Lisa

  • Matt

    I have a suggestion for other Monster Cereals than the original 5.
    This cereal is called “White Bones Cereal” with Vanilla and Monster-mallows, and the mascot would be a skeleton named “White Bones”.

  • AD

    love that they brought this back…I just wish they had brought Boo Berry to my area. We only got Frankenberry and Count Chocula. I love Frankenberry too so I bought 8 boxes. I hope it keeps coming as a tradition!!

  • Robert Russell

    Just picked up a box of Franken Berry I am really hoping for some Boo Berry if it comes i am getting a case of it!

  • Johnny

    Bring back Count Chocula Cereal Full Time all year round. It’s the best cereal ever made!!!

  • Tim

    Hey GM! You wanna make a big splash for Halloween 2015? Release the retro boxes with the “original oat based receipe” & use the current updated boxes for the “corn based reciepe”. Everyone would be happy & you would shatter previous year’s sales by double. There are enough comments on your blog to support this request. However, if GM needs more evidence, check out the mr blog. Everyone wants their oat based Monster Cereals back for 2015 & forever. It is the companies responsibility to hear the voices of the consumer. We have been ignored too long on this subject. We love The Monsters & GM, please make this my best Halloween ever by offering the oats!

  • Samantha O’Bryan

    All these cereals NEED to be brought back for good! You really should think about the parents who grew up with these cereals and how much they were loved. Then think about who does the shopping. Every parent wants their children to experience the things they grew up with. As long as there is a demand, there will always be sales in the monster cereals. Seriously, there will be profit and your factories are NOT too crowded with the production of any new cereals you may feel are more important. If needed, with the price of cereals on the shelves, don’t tell us you can’t afford to build more buildings for the production of America’s most favorite cereals! If anything, it would certainly help America’s economy and your good deed would certainly not go unnoticed. Your reputation would certainly grow as the better cereal company. I just can’t find anything I really want to buy on the shelves. If I saw this, I’d know; and my husband as well. I was born in 1983 and my husband in1971. We miss our Monster cereals. Please bring them back for good?!!!!!

  • Tim

    Why doesn’t anyone from Big G address all the loyal Monster fan’s requests for a return of the original oat recipe? I hope it’s because you’re giving it some serious consideration for Halloween 2015 & just don’t want to ruin the surprise. But if that’s not the case, you should answer the countless comments on here about how much we all miss the oats & would do anything including paying more, if you would return to the original formula.

    • Misty Evens

      GM should hire Ben Von Strawn to design the packaging!!!! He is a killer Monster artist.

  • Gee

    I cant find the anywhere in Orlando…I found them in Walmart Food & Publix ONCE!

  • Maxwell Casap

    I wish this year you would release all 5 monster cereals(Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo Berry, Frute Brute, and Fruity Yummy Mummy) like you did in 2013.

  • Tommy Retro

    Any news regarding the Monster Cereals for this year?
    More new DC box art?
    More Target retro boxes?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Tom Barrett

    You’d get a lot of us customers back if you started using oats in the cereals instead of corn. Corn is too light and doesn’t carry any flavor. It’s very unsatisfying.

  • Rebecca Carney-Rathbun