Jim Thielman

Jim Thielman

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Richard Wilson

Because of a generous nature that he handed down to his son, Richard Wilson posthumously became the feel-good story this week for anxious fans of an underachieving Major League Baseball... View Full Post

Wheaties couldn’t have “sparked up” with a better man than Stan


When Stan Musial wore street clothes rather than a St. Louis Cardinals baseball uniform, he looked like “the boy who really did eat his spinach and Wheaties, and did grow up to be a hero,” wrote... View Full Post

How a five dollar sandwich boosted a brand


Probably everyone who hears the three-second “Five Dollar Footlong” jingle identifies it with the Subway brand. But how do you sell sandwiches with that? The jingle doesn’t have the same impact... View Full Post

Pinterest showcases Tablespoon.com


Unlike websites for brands such as Betty Crocker and Pillsbury, Tablespoon.com launched in 2009 with no branding and the idea of reaching a food and technology savvy audience. Now, Tablespoon is... View Full Post

Wheaties is big league


Just a cereal? Wheaties is as much a box of marketing savvy, billboards, home runs, broadcasts, political aspiration and the slogan behind Kurt Vonnegut’s best-seller, “Breakfast of... View Full Post

Bridges helped build our business


When a company has about 150 years of history – as does General Mills, and, as we say, “its predecessor companies” – there’s no shortage of stories, some of which center on aspects... View Full Post