Kevin Hunt

Kevin Hunt

A big bowl of Cheerios


As basic and familiar as they are, even a toddler knows that Cheerios can be art. You can’t miss an extraordinary sculpture of ordinary Cheerios if you’re a visitor to General Mills’ main... View Full Post

Table top


What’s harder than making a giant, inverted cone out of concrete? Doing it in front of an audience. Back in the summer of 1987, General Mills employees watched as Public Table was created on the... View Full Post

A welcoming wall of stone


Here at General Mills, we like to think outside the cereal box. That’s obvious when you look around our headquarters. The buildings are surrounded by a one-of-a-kind collection of art. This week on... View Full Post

Did something fall off a UFO?


Sometimes inspiration comes from things you’d least expect. For example, junked tractors and broken balers are behind John Newman’s “Torus Orbicularis major.” Torus what? That’s the name... View Full Post

Tuesday’s Taste – July 17, 2012


We’ve officially entered the “dog days” of summer with waves of heat bearing down worldwide. But it’s also prime time for crops such as sweet corn and peaches, so take advantage of nature’s... View Full Post

What is that statue?


For some people, choosing a paint color for a living room wall is overwhelming. But what if your job was to design and choose sculptures outside a corporate headquarters? In the early 1980s, General... View Full Post

Gold Medal mystery in Chicago

1 - Washburn & Crosby Company's Gold Medal Flour advertisement in Chicago's Lincoln Park Neighborhood on Bissell and Wisconsin2

You never know what you’ll find when you take a walk around your block. Chicago’s Kate Frankenberg tweeted us last week about an old Gold Medal flour advertisement she was curious about, on the... View Full Post

News Bites – July 13, 2012


Every Friday we bring you “News Bites,” a collection of links from the week about General Mills and the food industry. We also highlight content from other General Mills blogs and... View Full Post