Wheaties couldn’t have “sparked up” with a better man than Stan


When Stan Musial wore street clothes rather than a St. Louis Cardinals baseball uniform, he looked like “the boy who really did eat his spinach and Wheaties, and did grow up to be a hero,” wrote... View Full Post

Happy National Cereal Day


General Mills is joining fans of our cereals around the U.S. today by celebrating National Cereal Day. Of course we make much more than cereal, but you could argue that our company identity is most... View Full Post

Underdog co-creator dies at 85


William Watts Biggers, best known for helping make “Underdog” a children’s Saturday morning cartoon favorite from General Mills, died last week at the age of 85, at his home in... View Full Post

A love of U.S. presidents


Kids like eating cereal for breakfast – mostly because it tastes good and is good for them. Some also love it to get at the prizes buried inside boxes like secret treasure. Who can forget Trix... View Full Post

President Lincoln and the Washburns


With the marking in the U.S. today of President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday – and the hubbub surrounding the award-winning movie bearing his name – it seems fitting to note the accomplishment of... View Full Post

New creations at our old research complex


On July 16, 1930, General Mills’ research department opened for business in unassuming buildings at 2010 East Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis, Minn. Five scientists worked under the direction of Dr.... View Full Post

Company Christmas parties of the past


Decorating the tree, making Chex Mix and cookies, and exchanging gifts are holiday traditions I look forward to year after year. If I worked for Washburn-Crosby Company, though, the annual work bash... View Full Post

Early advertising with postcards


There’s something intriguing about a cardboard box filled with old postcards. I recently lost track of time while flipping through dozens of cards in the company archives. I pulled a few to share... View Full Post