Our top five favorite game day recipes

general mills recipes

With football season in full swing, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite recipes for game day. Fire up the remote — the snacks just got interesting! Queso Fundido with Fire... View Full Post

How your cravings become snacks

general mills snacks

It’s 3:30 p.m. You had a healthy salad for lunch then a busy afternoon. Now your stomach is starting to growl, your energy is getting low and you’re starting to crave something sweet, but not too... View Full Post

How to take tacos to a new level


The mere sight of colorful produce in the grocery store can apparently be enough to inspire some consumers to think about making a Mexican meal for dinner. “It can stop you in your tracks when you... View Full Post

What’s your favorite fall pumpkin treat?

pumpkin products

All pumpkin, all the time, right? Next to the leaves changing colors, pumpkin-flavored everything is now an autumn rite of passage. People love pumpkin products in the fall. How do we know? Well, in... View Full Post

Finally, an interactive cereal box


Kix has a new box, and it does a whole lot more than hold cereal. Original Kix, Berry Berry Kix and Honey Kix now come in packaging with pieces that pop out and assemble into different animals or... View Full Post

How to go from Taco Tour to Toronto’s hottest pop-up

old el paso noche restaurante

It all started with a “Taco Tour” – a trip around Toronto to the city’s most popular Mexican restaurants. (Tough day at work, right?!) The team responsible for Old El Paso in... View Full Post

Tasty changes for three of our brands


Fans of three popular General Mills products are noticing some changes. Trix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Pillsbury Toaster Strudel all went through a flavor infusion recently. Let’s start on... View Full Post

Forbes ranks General Mills among World’s Most Innovative Companies

worlds most innovative companies

General Mills has again been named to Forbes magazine’s annual list of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies.” The companies on the list, which was released Wednesday, are selected based on... View Full Post