Trends in pizza

Pesto Kale

America’s tastes are changing when it comes to pizza. The ordinary – pepperoni, sausage and so on – is giving way to the out of the ordinary, according to Madison Mayberry, a food... View Full Post

Unveiling the Red Hot Holiday Trends


Odds are, your mother, grandmother, and perhaps even great-grandmother all looked to Betty Crocker for baking and holiday entertaining advice at some point. So while some things have changed... View Full Post

Have you experienced #SnackDrama?


Ever purchased a candy bar then give it the evil eye, saying, “I shouldn’t eat that”? Think you can actually hear that cheesecake calling to you from the refrigerator? Now Fiber One is taking... View Full Post

There’s cereal in that?


Pasta with Cocoa Puffs, or Total? Seafood with Chex? A cocktail with Trix? They sound a little off the wall, but several creative recipes unveiled this week just might become a favorite in your... View Full Post

Memorable and messy first birthday moments

betty crocker kids birthday cake

The best part of a one-year-old’s birthday party is watching the birthday kid explore, taste, smash, smear and dive in to their cake. But not many party guests want to eat a piece of cake that... View Full Post

KiX goes nerdy at Maker Faire

Maker Faire

At KiX, we’re all about ways to fuel the imagination and inspire creativity in kids. That’s why we were particularly proud to sponsor the Nerdy Derby at the recent World Maker Faire in New York... View Full Post

Spooning up something new at

My name is Erin Anderson. I’m the Interactive Marketing Manager at General Mills, and I wanted to share the journey behind, from its beginnings to the new design making its debut... View Full Post

Most innovative product of 2013

Nature Valley Protein

Nature Valley Protein Bars were named the ‘Most Innovative Product of 2013’ by Consumer Goods Technology magazine at the 2013 Consumer Goods Growth and Innovation Conference last week in... View Full Post