Progresso partners with Mayo to promote heart health


Progresso announced today that it is partnering with the world famous Mayo Clinic to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, including our reduced-sodium and higher fiber soups now marketed... View Full Post

What makes a great big game ad?


Let’s just admit it. The football part of last night’s big game was a bit of a letdown, unless you were rooting for Seattle of course. But what about the commercials? Here at General Mills our... View Full Post

Behind the scenes of “Gracie”


As commercials go, the new “Gracie” spot from Cheerios – airing during the big game this Sunday night – is about as simple of a concept for an ad as can be. It involved a short script, the... View Full Post

Yoplait Greek brings its Taste-Off to New York


Like yogurt? Live in New York City? Head to SoHo to check out the Yoplait Greek Taste-Off store. Visitors to the store, today through Saturday, are getting a chance to take a side-by-side taste test... View Full Post

Cheerios brings back a familiar family


We’re excited to share the newest commercial for Cheerios – the one that the brand chose to produce specifically to air this Sunday night during the big game! Here is... View Full Post

General Mills ranks in top 10 Best Companies for Leaders


General Mills ranks tenth in the list of 2014 Best Companies for Leaders from Chief Executive magazine. The magazine chose organizations most invested in nurturing talent development and we’re... View Full Post

Celebrating 50 magically delicious years

Lucky Charms

Everyone knows that Lucky Charms are magically delicious. But did you know that those frosted oats and marshmallow charms have been delighting kids (and adults) for 50 years? This year, the Lucky... View Full Post

Canada pursues gold

Canada Sponsor

Canada has a huge passion for the Winter Olympics. And for years, General Mills Canada has sponsored Canadian athletes and teams. For the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Russia next month, it... View Full Post