47th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest finalists revealed


It’s happening! 100 creative home cooks have now been chosen to compete for more than $1 million in cash and prizes when the 47th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest takes place November 3 in Nashville,... View Full Post

Play-Doh, Nerf balls and Cheerios?


What do Play-Doh, Nerf balls and Cheerios have in common? No, they don’t all taste good with milk. This trio of products (some edible) once shared the same parent company – General Mills – when... View Full Post

The Monster Cereal news you’ve been waiting for

Boo Berry

Every year around this time, the heavy steel door to the cereal vault creaks open and we reveal which of our Monster Cereals stay put and who gets to come out for Halloween. This year, the news is... View Full Post

A delicious $50,000 for your favorite local restaurant


Biscuits and gravy from the family-owned neighborhood restaurant down the block. Local berry pie from that little place on Main Street. It’s time for these local dishes to get a place in the... View Full Post

5 easy ways to get kids to love nature

nature valley canada

Kids are growing up without experiencing nature the way so many of us did as kids. Why is it so important for kids to get outside to play in the dirt and climb trees? Study after study has shown... View Full Post