“Official Cereal of Dadhood” shows us #HowToDad

peanut butter cheerios

Dads. They follow their kids on Instagram, they give high fives, they’re not fazed by excellent kid stunts and they can still get the young ones to take out the trash. And now, Peanut Butter... View Full Post

The “Show Us Your Superstar” winner

wwe totino's

Totino’s BOLD just helped turn one of WWE’s biggest fans into a character worthy of being in the ring with its biggest superstars. Mitchell LaValley, a 19-year old from of Raleigh, North... View Full Post

Venus Williams invites fans to help empower young women

CARE Venus Williams

Today, 74 percent of the population of Malawi lives in poverty, and the education of girls – particularly those from rural communities – often ends following primary school, according to... View Full Post

Old El Paso’s pop-up restaurant in Australia

old el paso australia

In a mix of flavor, fun and fantasy, Old El Paso Stand ‘N Stuff Soft Flour Tortillas made their recent debut in Australia via a temporary taco restaurant in the busy Melbourne Emporium. As many... View Full Post

3 technologies farmers are using to protect the environment

farmers using technology

In April of this year, General Mills Chairman and CEO Ken Powell joined Walmart President and CEO Doug McMillon to announce a commitment to accelerate innovation in sustainable agriculture and... View Full Post