MyStory: Dave Bissonette


When disaster strikes, Dave Bissonette is the kind of person who rises to the occasion. As the health, safety and security manager for our plant in Buffalo, New York., Dave also serves as the... View Full Post

50 years for the Bugles brand


Sound the trumpets… er… I mean Bugles. The popular horn-shaped snack from General Mills officially turns 50, this Sunday, if you begin counting from when the first press release about them was... View Full Post

$1 billion saved and counting


Today the Labor Department released its Consumer Price Index for April. As the headlines and information in several posts suggest, a trip to the supermarket has gotten more... View Full Post

Vegetables in ice cream?


Häagen-Dazs Japan is introducing two limited-time ice cream flavors that blend fruit and vegetables. Care for some carrots mixed with oranges? How about tomatoes blended with cherries? Spoon Vege... View Full Post

White House recognizes General Mills for saving energy


U.S. President Barack Obama honored General Mills and several other companies and organizations May 9 for our commitment to save energy. From a sustainable Walmart store in Mountain View, California,... View Full Post