You won’t believe what makes this bird “Blu”


This is Tyler “Blu” Gunderson – an artist’s rendition of the Blue Macaw star of the upcoming 20th Century Fox film “Rio 2.” He made his debut at the film’s premiere in Miami on March 21... View Full Post

Our response to an absurd cereal study


When should companies respond to poor research – and pseudo-science? It’s a difficult question. Sometimes it’s best to just let stuff go. Then again, sometimes it’s not. So this one is... View Full Post

Consumer changes fuel global growth


The emerging middle class in countries such as China, India and Brazil represents a world of opportunity for General Mills. That was the message that Ken Powell, chairman and chief executive officer,... View Full Post

A great leap forward for fruit and veggies


What began as a seed of an idea has blossomed into a giant. In January, Green Giant and our Global Health department launched Go Giant – a pilot program that provided employees with weekly... View Full Post

The Golden Doughboy


R. Toby Linwood, from Portland, Ore., has had a lot of interesting jobs over the years. He’s been a lead designer, art director, graphic designer, interior designer, painter, muralist and 3-D... View Full Post