The Quietest Show on Earth


October 8th. The sun is shining, but it isn’t that typical desert hot – fortunate for me and the rest of a group, hiking for two hours to the site. The Santa Ana winds are sweeping the... View Full Post

There’s cereal in that?


Pasta with Cocoa Puffs, or Total? Seafood with Chex? A cocktail with Trix? They sound a little off the wall, but several creative recipes unveiled this week just might become a favorite in your... View Full Post

Cereal lovers, we salute you


Our friends at Hello, Cereal Lovers have proclaimed this week, National Cereal Lovers Week. It features star-studded chefs, cereal-inspired culinary creations, cereal-themed pop art installations and... View Full Post

Help Cheerios celebrate teachers

Send Cheer

Teachers impact our lives, so it is great when we can take an opportunity to say ‘Thank you.’ We all have that special teacher in our past. The one that pushed us hard and knew how to... View Full Post

The Jolly Orange Giant

Jolly Green Giant

The Jolly Green Giant looks good in orange, don’t you think? Today for PACER’s Unity Day, the iconic statue of the Green Giant in Blue Earth, Minn. started wearing an orange toga. Since... View Full Post