The online voice of Betty Crocker


From slow cooker recipes to cookie tastings and everything in between, Angie Sheldon brings one of our most-loved and recognized brands to life across social media. Today is Community Manager... View Full Post

Celebrating 50 magically delicious years

Lucky Charms

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Canada pursues gold

Canada Sponsor

Canada has a huge passion for the Winter Olympics. And for years, General Mills Canada has sponsored Canadian athletes and teams. For the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Russia next month, it... View Full Post

Häagen-Dazs employees help schoolchildren in Madagascar


From the northern part of France to an island nation in the Indian Ocean, nearly 2,000 books collected on one continent made their way onto another and into the hands of schoolchildren in a... View Full Post

Growing our convenience business through innovation


Ever sunk your teeth into a moist, chewy Betty Crocker Caramel Brownie? If you crave this delectable, on-the-go treat, then you’re part of the growing number of consumers who purchase snacks in... View Full Post