Growing our convenience business through innovation


Ever sunk your teeth into a moist, chewy Betty Crocker Caramel Brownie? If you crave this delectable, on-the-go treat, then you’re part of the growing number of consumers who purchase snacks in... View Full Post

A surprise to start the morning


Being serenaded by a country music singer, in your own home, sounds like a pretty good start to the day, doesn’t it? It happened for Celeste, in San Antonio, all because of a tweet she sent to... View Full Post

MyStory: Annie Parsons

Annie Parson

You could definitely say that Annie Parsons’ path to working at General Mills was untraditional. Annie, who now works as a community host for LÄRABAR, is an outdoors enthusiast, musician and huge... View Full Post

2014 MLK Breakfast: Reimagine the Future

Donna Brazile

Today, as we mark Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and what would have been King’s 85th year, I celebrated his legacy with the attendees at the 24th annual MLK Breakfast in Minneapolis, hosted by... View Full Post

Yoplait Greek blueberry wins taste test

Yoplait Greek

Yoplait Greek Blueberry beat Chobani Greek Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom in a national, third party taste test. Nearly two out of three Americans in the test (65 percent) said they prefer the taste... View Full Post