The man behind the Monsters

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Ari Zainuddin, the marketing manager for the popular Monster Cereals at General Mills, found out firsthand just how passionate the fans of those cereals are. Ari Zainuddin, marketing manager at... View Full Post

Have you experienced #SnackDrama?


Ever purchased a candy bar then give it the evil eye, saying, “I shouldn’t eat that”? Think you can actually hear that cheesecake calling to you from the refrigerator? Now Fiber One is taking... View Full Post

How is simple folk art like sweet cookie dough?


Folk art is as American as apple pie and the two can be a package deal – as we discovered when we acquired all-natural baked goods maker Immaculate Baking Co., last year. Not only did we open our... View Full Post

One sweet day in Motown


National Sweetest Day, on Saturday, Oct. 19, took on a whole new meaning in Detroit when Betty Crocker descended on the city that rocks with thousands of free cupcakes and goodwill for the local... View Full Post

The Millers’ Monument

Millers Monument

Standing nearly 40-feet high near the northwest corner of one of Minnesota’s most well-known cemeteries is a memorial to the 18 men who lost their lives in the 1878 explosion at the Washburn... View Full Post