Soup sales are steaming hot


The long winter in parts of the U.S. no doubt helped soup sales this year. Retail sales in the ready-to-serve soup category were up 5 percent through our fiscal third quarter. And retail sales of our... View Full Post

USDA study confirms cereal improvements


A USDA Agricultural Research Service-led study confirms what we’ve known for some time: The nutritional profile of cereals in the U.S. has improved significantly since 2005. The study of Kellogg... View Full Post

Top 10 bike commuting tips from a couple of pros

bike commuting tips

I first started biking to work more than 40 years ago because I had to. I was 15, didn’t have a driver’s license, and biked the seven miles to my job scrubbing decks on a riverboat in downtown... View Full Post

General Mills joins U.S. Food Waste Challenge


Today is World Environment Day, a perfect day for us to reaffirm our efforts to reduce food waste. I’m excited to announce that General Mills is a founding member of the U.S. Food Waste Challenge,... View Full Post

What makes marketing remarkable?


You can’t have remarkable marketing without a remarkable product or service. That’s where it starts, according to Mark Addicks, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at General Mills.... View Full Post