Ready to eat hunter-gatherer style?


A throwback to our hunter-gatherer past. A grain and gluten-free mix of nuts, fruits, seeds and spices. Granola reinvented. So what is this magical food? It’s Renola – Lärabar’s reinvented... View Full Post

Lucky Charms asks what makes you lucky?

Lucky To Be #luckytobe

Lucky to live in a colorful world – that’s the inspiration behind the second annual #LuckyToBe campaign celebrating individuality, diversity and inclusiveness. “We are honoring... View Full Post

MyStory: Denise Holloman

Denise Holloman

Women engineers are still pretty rare. According to a U.S. Census Bureau report, just 13 percent of U.S. engineers are women. Encouraged by her father, mother and the nuns at the Catholic school she... View Full Post

Weelicious focuses on food for the family


Food writer, cookbook author and blogger Catherine McCord is passionate about raising kids who are great eaters. McCord, who started her popular family food blog Weelicious in 2007, has been... View Full Post

A protein boost for your breakfast


Cheerios has some big news today – the brand is launching Cheerios Protein. With 11g of protein with milk, Cheerios Protein combines toasted “O”‘s with crunchy granola... View Full Post