Yoplait lights up Kroger headquarters in pink


Cincinnati’s skyline is partially pink. Kroger kicked-off its annual Sharing Courage campaign, in partnership with Yoplait, by unveiling pink spotlights on its headquarters in the city last... View Full Post

Have you experienced the Cheerios Effect?


You’ve probably noticed it after pouring Cheerios into a bowl of milk. They start floating toward each other, right? Scientists have noticed that too. In fact, they’ve named the... View Full Post

What’s your favorite fall pumpkin treat?

pumpkin products

All pumpkin, all the time, right? Next to the leaves changing colors, pumpkin-flavored everything is now an autumn rite of passage. People love pumpkin products in the fall. How do we know? Well, in... View Full Post

How do you enjoy the fruits of your labor?

fruits of the city

We need to get to know each other better. That was one of the goals of our newly created work team. We solve the difficult technical needs of several of our most popular brands. We use our technical... View Full Post

Finally, an interactive cereal box


Kix has a new box, and it does a whole lot more than hold cereal. Original Kix, Berry Berry Kix and Honey Kix now come in packaging with pieces that pop out and assemble into different animals or... View Full Post