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Behind the scenes of “3rd Shift”


With a look and a line that mothers and fathers anywhere can appreciate, the boy in the latest Cheerios commercial will melt your heart. The new spot is titled “3rd Shift.” It’s a tribute to all working parents on the job while their families sleep, communicated through the words – and eyes – of a [...]

World’s fastest ride to school

cheerios commercial

Jake thought the cameras following him around his house in Charlotte last May were for a documentary about students at his high school. But that ruse ended quickly as he stepped outside and heard the screeching sound of NASCAR driver Austin Dillon burning rubber in the No. 3 Cheerios Protein race car on his street. [...]

Why Usher and BuzzBee want you to dance


Usher can dance. There’s no doubt about that. But … BuzzBee? See for yourself in the latest commercial for Honey Nut Cheerios. The pairing of Usher and Buzz led to a fun 30-second commercial directed by Hype Williams, shot on the same set of Usher’s video for his new song – “She Came to Give [...]

“Official Cereal of Dadhood” shows us #HowToDad

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Dads. They follow their kids on Instagram, they give high fives, they’re not fazed by excellent kid stunts and they can still get the young ones to take out the trash. And now, Peanut Butter Cheerios in Canada –  the “Official Cereal of Dadhood” – is celebrating modern fathers with #HowToDad. “It just made sense [...]

A cat in need of some honey


First he teamed up with Nelly. And now … Grumpy Cat? BuzzBee’s latest commercial for Honey Nut Cheerios co-stars the Internet’s most famous, grumpy-looking feline face. Watch the new ad to see Buzz try his best to coax a smile from her, with no luck. “Honey Nut Cheerios is a cereal that literally everybody in the [...]

Behind the scenes with Austin Dillon


“How we doin’?” Austin Dillon said as he stepped into a suite filled with NASCAR fans at Kentucky Speedway on Friday night, just 24 hours before he would climb behind the wheel of the No. 3 Cheerios Protein car in the Quaker State 400. “Who has questions? Ask away,” said Dillon, as the group immediately [...]

General Mills reports fiscal 2014 earnings


This morning General Mills (NYSE: GIS) announced earnings for the fourth quarter and for fiscal 2014, which ended May 25, 2014. In the press release, General Mills Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ken Powell said, “Our plans for 2014 called for sales and earnings growth consistent with our long-term business model, along with increased cash [...]

Behind the scenes of “Night Drive”

cheerios behind the scenes

Would your dad drive through the night to bring you breakfast? A father/daughter moment in the morning is the pay-off of “Night Drive,” the newest commercial from Cheerios. You can see it on the brand’s YouTube channel, just in time for Father’s Day. It’s clear that this is not your typical Cheerios spot. Mainly because [...]