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Making nutrition information easy to find


Food and beverage manufacturers are making it easier than ever for people to quickly access key nutrition information as they scan store shelves. General Mills and more than 50 manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers have voluntarily implemented Facts Up Front (FUF), a labeling system that brings important nutrition information from the Nutrition Facts Panel to the [...]

Eat whole grains, get the benefits of fiber

Whole grain

When you eat higher amounts of whole grains (like those found in some cereals), you’re more likely to have the highest total intake of dietary fiber. This news comes from a recent study published by the University of Minnesota in collaboration with the General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition. Researchers examined the association [...]

The Go Giant program

Go Giant

There’s a new program at General Mills to encourage employees to eat healthy – and a real giant in the company is leading the way. Starting today, employees at our U.S. locations can sign up for Go Giant, a healthy eating incentive program that asks employees to set a goal of eating up to five [...]

6.4 trillion calorie reduction

Eating yogurt

As we’ve shared previously, General Mills is part of a multi-year effort designed to help reduce obesity – especially childhood obesity – by 2015. Along with 15 other leading food and beverage companies that make up the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF), we pledged to reduce the number of calories in the marketplace by introducing [...]

Life after “Loser”


It’s been nearly 10 months since Danni Allen was crowned the winner of season 14 of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” After the hard-won achievement of losing 121 pounds, a different kind of work began: maintaining a healthy weight in the midst of normal life. When we heard that LÄRABAR has become a regular part of [...]

Health improvements across all U.S. categories


This year marks the 50th year that General Mills has had a dedicated nutrition department that has helped guide the development of our company’s nutrition guidelines. Today known as the General Mills’ Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition, the company continues to have a passionate team of doctorate-and master-level scientists and registered dietitians that helps [...]

Joining cultures through nutrition

ICN 2013

Hello from Granada, Spain! General Mills is so pleased to be participating in the IUNS 20th International Congress on Nutrition (ICN). This international meeting, held every four years, has been in place for over six decades to “promote the advancement of the science of nutrition, research, and development through international cooperation globally.” We’re honored to [...]

Do you skip breakfast?

Dulce de Leche Cheerios

Breakfast has been a hot topic in the news this week. Research published in the American Heart Association’s scientific journal Circulation and reported on by numerous news outlets like NPR and the Los Angeles Times, demonstrates new evidence of the benefits for eating breakfast. The research, conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health, was an [...]