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Exploring tastes and trends with Andrew Zimmern


Andrew Zimmern eats bugs. And he believes it won’t be long before you’re eating them too. The globetrotting chef and host of Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods America” stayed in one place long enough to share his thoughts on global tastes and trends during a recent installment of Taste Talks – a series for employees, presented [...]

Top 10 global food trends


There’s something exciting about a new year and the possibilities ahead. At General Mills, we are especially inspired by the latest food trends. The company’s Global Consumer Insights (GCI) group just released its annual list of Top 10 Global Food Trends. Among the highlights, the 2014 list shows people are hungry for healthier snacks that [...]

Phil Lempert’s food trends for 2014

Phil Lempert

Phil Lempert, a consumer analyst in the U.S. known as The Supermarket Guru, has revealed his “Top Ten Food Trend Predictions for 2014″ list. Lempert gave us a preview of it at a seminar before the 46th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest in Las Vegas. The trends he developed take into account the changing retail environment for stores [...]

Chef Hugh Acheson finds inspiration through food

Hugh Acheson

You may know Chef Hugh Acheson as a wisecracking “Top Chef Masters” contestant, “Top Chef” judge, Liberté yogurt fan and spokesman, and a prolific writer. But you may not know that he put down roots in Athens, Ga. by way of Ottawa, Canada. Acheson visited General Mills headquarters Wednesday for another installment of our “Taste Talks” [...]

The hottest trends in food from five experts


Well into 2013, we’re months out from the reports on food trends that typically accompany the new year. How are things shaking out in the kitchen? What will you be seeing on the table over the next few months? We asked five of the food experts who helped determine the nominees for The Munchies: People’s [...]

Free from gluten


Today, we’re beginning a week-long series on “A Taste of General Mills” called “5 Food Trends for 2012,” which focuses on some things to watch related to the food industry, consumers and nutrition. As one of the largest food companies in the world, we get excited about these things. We know you may not be [...]

He knows what you eat


What we eat in America keeps Harry Balzer extremely busy. And it’s made him the go-to guy for insight into the trends the food industry finds extremely valuable. That’s because he knows what you buy, what you eat and where you eat it. Balzer presented The NPD Group’s 26th Annual “Eating Patterns in America” report [...]

10 “Red Hot” food trends


For the second year, Betty Crocker has put together a great list of food trends worth watching this holiday season. The “Betty 10: Red Hot Holiday Trends” cover desserts to drinks, and have inspired a collection of new recipes from the Betty Crocker Kitchens. You can find those recipes on, along with great photos, for each [...]