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Are you “out there”?


Whether you spend your hot summer days dropping into a river from a rope swing or swinging your child from your arms on a beach, you need energy! Nature Valley’s new campaign encourages you to “Get Out There” in whatever way that means to you, and to get the energy to fuel your fun from […]

The benefits of a bowl of cereal


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We’ve heard it a million times, but many of us still don’t eat it. In fact, one study shows 11 percent of children in the U.S., ages 6 to 12, regularly skip breakfast! Dr. Sandra Affenito, from the School of Natural Sciences at the University of […]

Joining cultures through nutrition

ICN 2013

Hello from Granada, Spain! General Mills is so pleased to be participating in the IUNS 20th International Congress on Nutrition (ICN). This international meeting, held every four years, has been in place for over six decades to “promote the advancement of the science of nutrition, research, and development through international cooperation globally.” We’re honored to […]

A focus on food texture


An article today in The Wall Street Journal looks at how food companies are paying closer attention to consumer’s texture preferences, and the impact of that thinking on new product development. “Why Food Companies Are Fascinated by the Way We Eat” says “there were 20,790 new food packages world-wide making a texture claim in 2012, roughly double the […]

Go With the Whole Grain for Kids


My husband and I are getting ready to send our preschooler to kindergarten next fall. (Yikes! I don’t think I need to point out how fast time flies, especially when raising children!) We’ve been in the process of checking out some options for our budding young scholar. Since I haven’t stepped foot in a kindergarten […]

It’s not nutritious unless people eat it


The relationship food companies have with their consumers goes beyond traditional parameters. Our consumers trust us with the food they put in their bodies, the food that nourishes and fuels them throughout the day. This gives us a unique connection to our consumers that we take very seriously. My team’s goal at General Mills is […]

Perspective on CSR: Jeff Harmening


Today, we continue our series of posts designed to provide more context into corporate social responsibility (CSR) at General Mills, with Jeff Harmening, president of the Big G cereals division at General Mills. We released our 2012 Global Responsibility report (and video) last week. So I sat down with Jeff to discuss his perspective on […]

News Bites – April 6, 2012


Every Friday we bring you “News Bites,” a collection of links from the week that covered General Mills, the food industry and our categories on “A Taste of General Mills.” We also regularly highlight content from some other General Mills blogs and websites. Notable posts about General Mills: We were thrilled to see “America’s Most […]