May 12, 2011 • By

Welcome to our blog

We have stories to tell.

In fact, we have more stories to tell than we have places to tell them.

By way of introduction, I would acknowledge that I am a storyteller by nature.

You know the type – a guy with a hundred stories, all of which he finds very interesting? Well, that’s probably me. But I will also acknowledge that I was a bartender all through college. So I am keenly aware that some stories are boring, some are inappropriate, and some are best left untold.

But some stories are great. Some are fun. Some are interesting. Some are curious. Some tell us about the storyteller – and some tell us about ourselves.

It’s a high bar, but we’re pretty confident that General Mills has great stories to tell.

As I welcome you to our new blog, “A Taste of General Mills”, here are some promises that I am willing to make:

We will be judicious – and we will work very hard to keep it interesting.

We will comment on things deserving of comment – but we won’t comment on everything.

We will showcase the people who work here – because they are smart and interesting and fun. (That’s why I work here. I like these people, and I think you will too.)

Finally, I promise that we will also listen.

Most blogs and blog sites are more megaphone than earpiece. But we will read every comment. We won’t promise to respond to them all, because we probably won’t. But we will read them – and we will listen.

So that’s my intro. Welcome to “A Taste of General Mills.”

We are going to work hard to live up your expectations – and mine.

Stories to follow.