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A real Betty Crocker

In June 1955, our General Mills publication “The Modern Millwheel” told the story of a woman in Canada who shared an iconic name.

“Never mind what you’ve heard about Betty Crocker not being any one person, or that she is a composite of all the people working in the Home Service Department of Minneapolis. There lives in Canada a young lady named Betty Crocker.”

We found out about her when a friend of a Canadian General Mills executive had a phone call which went something like this: “Good evening, this is Betty Crocker. I’m calling about your subscription to the Daily Star.”

The real Miss Crocker was invited to visit the Betty Crocker kitchens in Toronto and meet the folks at the plant. Margaret Oliver, who was in charge of the kitchen, had a nice visit with Betty and talked her into staying for lunch.

Editor’s note: The photo is from “The Modern Millwheel”, June 1955. (Left to right: Miss Crocker looking at Betty Crocker’s portrait with Margaret Oliver.)

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