Jun 10, 2011 • By

Getting “lost” at Joshua Tree

My name is Stephanie Hu and I’m an associate marketing manager for our Nature Valley brand. I had the opportunity to attend a restoration event outside of Joshua Tree National Park in California to kick off our second year of Nature Valley’s National Parks Project in partnership with the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) – and what an experience it was!

Our main objective behind this event on April 16 was to help raise awareness for our national parks – which need our help more than ever – and to encourage people to help preserve these special places so they’re here for future generations.

I have to admit, I was truly amazed by the people who turned up and their reasons for helping out. We met local retirees who had visited many of America’s national parks from coast to coast. There were people from a nearby military base who had heard about this event and gave up their day off to join the effort. There were volunteer groups, teenagers and couples. All of them shared a common purpose – to roll up their sleeves in the extreme desert heat and pitch in to help preserve one of America’s national parks.

Leading the charge was our event spokesperson, Josh Holloway, who played “Sawyer” on the ABC-TV show “Lost.”

Josh grew up outside Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and he has incredible passion for our national parks. He was so outgoing and fun with everyone. He shared lots of great memories of visiting national parks with his family and camping under the stars, and kind of got everyone thinking – and talking – about their favorite memories in a national park.

The thing that really struck me is that each story we heard was so unique, so completely personal. Yet each one was filled with wonder – the kind that people today just don’t get to experience much anymore.

For me, it really underlined the importance of getting involved in the effort to preserve our national parks so our children are able to experience the same sense of wonder that our parents shared with us.

I invite everyone reading this to get outside and visit a national park this year to experience the incredible natural beauty of these special places and see just how important it is to make sure they’re here for future generations. And, be sure to check out PreserveTheParks.com to see what Nature Valley and the NPCA is doing to help preserve our national parks, and find out how you can lend a hand!