Jun 21, 2011 • By

Helping Joplin tornado victims

It’s the little things that make a big difference after a natural disaster strikes.

The people of Joplin, Missouri affected by the May 22 tornado in the city certainly appreciate the donated items they can pick up at our General Mills manufacturing facility there.

During my recent visit to Joplin I saw firsthand how a conference room at our plant has been turned into a store of sorts. Except everything in it is free for the taking.

Clothing for kids and adults, toothbrushes, kitchen utensils… Things that people displaced by the tornado really need right now for their day-to-day activities.

And it’s not just for our General Mills employees who lost their homes to the storm, it’s for anyone in the Joplin community.

I talked about the donated items with Cindy Crayne, an assistant in Human Resources at our Joplin plant, and with Jolena McCord, a quality engineer there. In this video clip, Cindy and Jolena explain how the donations for Joplin tornado victims got started and where the donations have come from.

Joplin tornado victims can visit our donation center during the business day. Our plant is located at 3007 Stephens Boulevard.

Cindy told me the donated items will be available for at least another month or more as people continue to live in temporary housing.

Editor’s note: We’re featuring several stories about our Joplin employees affected by the May 22 tornado this week in a special series of posts here on “A Taste of General Mills.” We started our series with this post, featuring some of the experiences of several of our employees.