Jun 23, 2011 • By

Ricky Rubio thrills employees

The Minnesota Timberwolves have high hopes for the newest member of their team. His arrival in the U.S. this week has made him the talk of the entire National Basketball Association.

Ricky Rubio is just 20 years old. But he’s actually been playing professional basketball in Spain since he was 14.

This morning, members of the General Mills Hispanic Network and our General Mills Basketball Club got to meet him at an event at our headquarters.

Rubio, who brought his parents, brother and sister with him to General Mills, spent some time answering questions – in both Spanish and English – from our employees.

He says his basketball heroes are Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. And he wishes he could have played against Shaquille O’Neal, who just retired.

Asked what he will miss most about Spain as he begins living in Minnesota, Rubio got a laugh when he said, “the weather.”

For his sake, we’ll hope his first Minnesota winter is a mild one.

The event ended with Oliver Perez, an associate marketing manager for Wheaties, presenting Ricky with a custom Wheaties box with his photo.

As a longtime fan of the Timberwolves – even through their lean years – I’m hoping for big things from Ricky. And it was cool to see him here today at General Mills as he prepares to get his NBA career going.