Jul 25, 2011 • By

A Q&A with Ken Powell

General Mills Chairman and CEO Ken Powell is featured in the Sunday business section of The Boston Globe. Reporter Taryn Luna interviewed Powell for the newspaper’s “On the Hot Seat” feature, posted yesterday.

Nutrition was among the many topics addressed in the article. Ken explained our approach to health and nutrition innovation:

“Taste is really important, as you would imagine. Convenience is very important. The last dimension is health. We reformulated, several years ago, our entire line of breakfast cereals so all of them are either a good or excellent source of whole grains. That fits perfectly now into many of the menu and dietary needs that many schools are looking for.

Another area we’re focused on is sodium. We’ve announced a pledge that by 2015, we’ll reduce the sodium across our portfolio by 20 percent, which is a significant reduction. It’s the same challenge. Consumers like what salt does in terms of tastes, and we’re trying to figure out how to reduce it and maintain the taste. The thing we figured out is that your palette adjusts. Over time, if you take incremental, steady, slow reductions of sodium, consumers don’t notice it, and their tongues adjust to it.”

You can read the entire interview with Ken on Boston.com.