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One of the greatest people we know

Dr. Mark Manary was recognized by the Huffington Post as their “Greatest Person of the Day,” on July 28, for his work with malnourished children in Malawi.

What does that have to do with General Mills?

We’ve worked closely with Dr. Manary and his Project Peanut Butter initiative in Africa through the non-profit we founded, Partners in Food Solutions (PFS).

Huffington Post reporter Curtis M. Wong explains Dr. Manary’s efforts and his ambitions to help beyond Malawi:

…Manary says he and his team are looking to expand their operations into Sierra Leone and Mali. A noble feat to be sure – and yet the one who’s the most modest is Manary himself. “A common question these days is, ‘What do you like about this?’ It’s not that I like a problem more than others or I have a gift,” he said. “My personal ambition is to fix malnutrition for kids in Africa, and I don’t really have that type of opportunity in St. Louis.”

Learn more about our work with Dr. Manary in this video.

In addition to the life-saving Project Peanut Butter initiative in Malawi, Dr. Manary is expanding this effort to address the famine in Somalia. For more information on how you can help, visit the Project Peanut Butter website.