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The first G

General Mills started using a new symbol on its cereal packages just over 50 years ago – a large, cursive “G.”

Part of a dramatic cereal package redesign, the new “G” stood for goodness, and was first printed on boxes of Twinkles cereal, and then on all the other ready-to-eat cereals.

Twinkles were a star-shaped cereal of toasted oats and corn, which was sold in a test market in May 1960.

Twinkles also was the name of the “amazing little elephant” who was featured on the front of the cereal box along with his inventor friend, Fulton the camel, and the mischievous Wilbur the monkey.

Since the cereal was developed during the “Space Race” years, you can see in the photo that these three pals were eagerly trying to launch their own rocket.

While Twinkles cereal never really got off the ground, the big “G” continued on to become a recognizable trademark for General Mills cereals, and eventually part of the name of an entire division within the company.

Today, Big G cereals continue to be the largest of the company’s seven business divisions based on net sales, and includes historic favorites such as Cheerios, Wheaties, Kix and Lucky Charms.

As for Twinkles and his buddies?

Looks like the rocket worked, but the cereal was de-fused.