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Hungry Girl goes to the supermarket

Lisa Lillien – you probably know her as Hungry Girl – has built a loyal following in her search for “guilt-free food” via daily email updates, her books, and her show on Food Network and the Cooking Channel.

For her latest book, that search has brought her to the supermarket. “Hungry Girl Supermarket Survival: Aisle by Aisle, HG-Style!” is available starting today.

I talked with Lillien to find out more about her new book, and more about her.

What led you to write this book?

Lillien: About four times a year, I put out a supermarket list in the daily email, and it’s by far and away the most popular email that we’ve run every year. So I figured I would expand that and create a whole book that actually takes people through the aisles with ideas and choices, and information that would be perfect. That’s the concept of Hungry Girl. It’s how to survive in the real world.

What’s in the book?

Lillien: It’s all the basics, and it’s also very hands-on. Not only are there food finds, there’s also information about unique ways to use them. For example, salsa is a great salad dressing and canned pumpkin can be used instead of eggs and oil in baking.

In the Hungry Girl world, secret finds are like hands-down home runs. Things like using Tofu Shirataki noodles as a great pasta replacement, with only 40 calories for a huge serving. Or finding freeze-dried fruit and snacks in the baby aisle – you’re not shopping in that aisle, unless you have a baby, and you’re missing out. Another thing I love is broccoli coleslaw, which is basically shredded broccoli, cabbage and carrots. That’s great for stir-frys and salads. And it’s a good pasta swap.

It’s all about finding easy and delicious ways to fill your diet with fruit, veggies, lean protein, low-fat dairy and whole grain.

I also asked Lillien about building her Hungry Girl brand. She started out by sending a daily email to family and friends in 2004. She now sends that email to more than 1 million people each day.

In this audio clip from my interview with her, Lillien says she’s thrilled with the growth of Hungry Girl and all the people she’s able to help.

For more information about Lisa Lillien, visit Hungry-Girl.com and follow her on Twitter.