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News Bites – October 7, 2011

Starting today, every Friday, we’ll recap a few recent news articles and blog posts related to the food industry – and our categories here on “A Taste of General Mills.”

We’ll also highlight some content from other General Mills blogs and websites.

Posts that Piqued Our Interest This Week

“Food Retailers: Critical To Our Nation’s Recovery Plan” (Registration required) – Integrated Solutions For Retailers Magazine

*Food Marketing Institute’s Rhett Asher discusses how food retailers can help shape recovery in the wake of disaster.

“New Muppet to raise hunger awareness” – USA Today

*A new Sesame Street Muppet whose family is dealing with hunger in their home, will debut in a PBS program airing this Sunday titled “Growing Hope Against Hunger.”

“Consumers Warm to Location-Based Coupons” – Marketing Daily

*Steve Smith examines consumer appetite for coupons delivered to their smartphones or other mobile device.

“How Open Innovation Can Solve Environmental Problems Large & Small” – GreenBiz.com

*Marc Gunther writes about the partnership between the Environmental Defense Fund and InnoCentive, to foster open innovation – going outside the walls of a company or organization to find innovative solutions and ideas.

“Shifting Trends in the Corporate World: Your Guide to CSR” – Realizing Your Worth

*Brooke Folliot shares an overview of the rise of corporate social responsibility.

Notable Posts from Various General Mills Communities

“Goodbye Steve” – MarkAddicks.com

*Mark Addicks, our chief marketing officer, reflected on the accomplishments of Steve Jobs.

“Making Good Soil: The benefits of home compost piles” – Valley Report (Green Giant)

*Good tips on what to include if you are thinking about having a home compost pile for your garden.

“Cereal, The Party Food of Champions” – Tablespoon

*Tablespoon contributor “SandiArata” of California (“Oh Baby! Custom Shower Decor” blog offers eight ideas for using cereal in ways you may not have thought of – with great photos too.

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