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Remembering Steve Jobs

The professional legacy of Steve Jobs is one of remarkable innovation, technology and marketing.

His brilliance in business, especially within Apple’s resurgence, is being discussed today around the world and on the Web.

I asked Mark Addicks, chief marketing officer at General Mills, for his thoughts on Steve Jobs.

“He was unrelenting about thinking from the consumer’s perspective,” Mark says. “Jobs seemed to know exactly what people were actually looking for, and he shortened the line between what they were looking for and getting them to the solution. He tried to eliminate every single step to get you closer to what you wanted every single time.”

Mark says Apple’s marketing campaigns under Steve Jobs set a high standard.

“He just had a way of bringing his brand to life that was distinctive and differentiated. The campaign behind the original iPod will be one that we look at forever, as well as the 1984 Mac campaign.”

Mark also says Jobs’ approach to marketing set him apart.

“He broke most of the rules, and it didn’t matter. But just breaking the rules isn’t the point. Jobs broke them for a purpose because the product or the story demanded it.”

Mark wrote about Jobs on his blog, MarkAddicks.com.

I’ll end our post with the closing line that Mark offered there:

“When I heard the news early last night, I heard a collective and sad sigh that enveloped the whole world. Goodbye, Steve Jobs. You will live for a long time in our hopes, our dreams and our creations.”

Editor’s note: The photo of Steve Jobs, above, was posted on Apple.com.