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Fighting hunger where it hits hard

As people across the U.S. prepare for Thanksgiving, and the elaborate meals they’ll be preparing, the bounty of the season also can be a reminder that hunger plagues many of our neighbors and millions of people around the world.

At General Mills, fighting hunger is one of our core values. In addition to the programs we support domestically, we have developed a hunger-fighting nonprofit called Partners in Food Solutions to link the technical expertise of our employees to food processors in Africa.

Huffington Post writer Tamar Abrams recently spoke with Peter Erickson, General Mills’ senior vice president of Innovation, Technology and Quality to find out more about Partners in Food Solutions.

In Abrams’ article posted today, General Mills Shows that Exporting Knowledge Can Make a Difference, Peter explained the PFS approach:

“Partners in Food Solutions developed relationships with 30 food companies in Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya over the past three years, boosting their ability to be more competitive in providing food aid to NGOs, in serving consumers at the village level and in selling in large cities on the continent. As a result, they are demanding more crops from small farmers who are benefiting by earning more money. Today, says Erickson, “Those 30 companies are sourcing from 90,000 farmers. If each of those farmers is supporting five or six family members, half a million people are benefiting from the program on an ongoing basis. Families are more secure, they are sending their children to school and they are able to afford to buy what they need.”

You can read the entire article, here. And to find out more about Partners in Food Solutions, visit

As you enjoy your holiday meal and time with family this week, take a moment to think about the unique skills you possess and how you might use them to benefit your neighbors and those around the world.