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He’s stuck on Cheerios

It’s an understatement to say my colleagues across General Mills are grateful for your devotion to our many brands. And we take seriously the responsibility to produce high-quality and delicious food for those brands.

But, of course, we also enjoy seeing how the products we make are a part of your daily lives.

So today we’re launching a feature on “A Taste of General Mills” that we’re calling “Fans of our Brands.” We’re kicking it off with a great photo we spotted on Instagram, the popular photo app for the iPhone. (Follow our Instragram account, “generalmills”.)

Megan Bredesen, of Crest Hill, Ill., recently snapped this picture of her nephew Caleb.

He’s clearly a Cheerios fan.

Now that’s a sticky situation.

“I am always taking pictures, particularly of my nieces and nephews!” Bredesen told me. “On this day, I was babysitting for my youngest niece, Mia, and youngest nephew, Caleb. While I was feeding Mia lunch, I put Caleb in his high chair so he would stop opening and closing the fridge. I gave him some Cheerios to further entertain him. When I looked back at him, after getting Mia settled, I noticed that he had Cheerios stuck to his arms and one on his cheek.”

So, Bredesen did what any socially connected aunt would do, right?

“I got my iPhone out and started snapping away,” she says. “I may or may not have helped him get the one stuck on his forehead!”

Bredesen says if Caleb is hungry, the first thing he gets is Cheerios.

“He loves them and they are an easy, always on-hand snack,” she says. “You can just grab and throw down on the high chair! They keep him happy while he waits for his bottle, keep him energized before nap time, and keep him happy after nap time.”

Thanks for taking the picture, Megan! And, for sharing it with “A Taste of General Mills.”

Editor’s note: Have you taken or posted a photo online that we should feature in “Fans of our Brands”? Let us know!