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How to cook a turkey

As I prepare to host another Thanksgiving dinner at my home, I can honestly say I’m not too stressed out about it.

But that certainly wasn’t the case the first time I had to make a turkey.

Sure, it’s not easy to have 15 relatives in my house. And feed them all! But the fact that I’ve made a few turkeys in my day keeps me from going crazy. Like anything, practice makes perfect.

Well, we wanted to capture that first-time cooking a turkey anxiety, so we put out a call on Twitter for someone who is feeling the pressure of putting a bird in the oven.

We found Angie Thompson. And she turned out to be the perfect candidate.

She’s hosting her extended family this Thanksgiving and has never made a turkey. But with the help of Kristen Olson, a food editor with Betty Crocker, we put Thompson’s fears to rest.

In this video, Kristen walked her through the simple steps to prepare a turkey for the oven:

Thompson felt a lot more confident after leaving the kitchen!

Of course, cooking time varies for a turkey depending on the weight. suggests you roast a turkey at 325 degrees.

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