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Debuting G-WIN Digital

The pressure to innovate has never been more intense. Consumers demand it. Brands require it.  Investors reward it.

Brands need to continually explore how to bring more service and purpose to every individual engagement. Through digital, all brands now have an opportunity to do more.

For General Mills, we must always start with a remarkable product experience. But then today, thanks to digital, we can also provide ideas, video, tutorials, games, and opportunities to share, in a way that recognizes where, when and how each individual wants to engage.

Today we are announcing a new program called G-WIN Digital. We are following the very successful game plan from our research and development peers here at General Mills who started G-WIN in 2007 as an open invitation for ideas, ingredients, packaging, technologies and new products from the external marketplace.

This has led to new development processes and capabilities, and faster development of products made with new technologies, some of which were brought to market in different ways, faster than before.

In many of G-WIN’s best cases, we have been able to bring something new to the market in record time with the help of people, ideas and technologies which were brand new to us just months before!

With G-WIN Digital, we want to invite ideas and connect with partners who have emerging digital marketing technologies with a special focus on video, gaming, social and mobile. We want to discover, pilot and match emerging technologies with how we market our iconic brands, like Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Green Giant, to newer brands like Larabar.

We have been working on the evolution of our marketing model via digital technology for over a decade and we are hoping to accelerate our learning with the help and lead of others in this ever-changing space. We always start with our Brand Champions, our consumers, at the center of everything we aspire to do. We know that they are rapidly adopting new technology as they seek to make their lives healthier, richer and more convenient. G-WIN Digital is our call to the outside world to help us deliver fuller brand experiences in ways that we don’t see today.

Editor’s note: Hear Mark talk about the evolution of General Mills’ approach to digital marketing.

Today’s announcement also points to one of the ways that we are using new technologies to make our brand experiences better and more helpful. Check out our Shazam-enabled Pillsbury Crescents “Holiday Ideas Made Easy” commercial which debuts nationally today.

When consumers use the Shazam app to tag one of our Pillsbury Crescents commercials they will see an interactive tag on their mobile phone or device that presents holiday recipe ideas and ‘how to’ videos, with links to Pillsbury on Facebook, Twitter and

This Shazam promotion is meant to make it super simple to see all the possibilities with Pillsbury’s Crescents where, when and how you want or need to be inspired. There are other examples such as the recent Yoplait Greek yogurt Greek4Good campaign where individuals could translate messages in Greek using their mobile devices, as well as video entertainment that came alive off the printed package of America’s favorite cereal, Honey Nut Cheerios.

These are just the beginning, and we know our Brand Champions will be much more helpful in giving us ideas on where and how these early starts can evolve.

It is this goal of being an agile and open organization and co-creating with technology partners outside of our walls, that we hope G-WIN Digital helps foster.

Simply go to and you are connected with us to start understanding your technology.

Editor’s note: This blog post also appears on Mark’s blog,

Fast Company also interviewed Mark, and wrote about G-WIN Digital, in “General Mills Wants Your Ideas For Its Next Cereal Game And Cake App.”