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The ice cream flower in Europe

It looks like a flower, but the 2011 Christmas gâteau glacé (ice cream cake) created by Häagen-Dazs promises to satisfy the sweet tooth of people across Europe.

Called “Fleur de Glace” (ice cream flower), the cake is handmade at the flagship Champs-Elysées shop in Paris and distributed to select Häagen-Dazs shops in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany.

“Our customers are pleasure seekers, looking for new, unexpected and tasty creations,” says Paola Meheut, external communications director for General Mills France. “They want to have a never-before seen cake design that’s both stylish and tasty. When it comes to food, French people always seek good quality and unique products for special moments. Our Christmas cake is like a little accessible jewel that our customers can offer their families.”

Häagen-Dazs commissioned Dutch designer Kiki Van Eijk to design the cake, for the fourth year of the holiday tradition.

Van Eijk, a Dutch designer known for finding inspiration in beautiful everyday objects and details, has always been interested in food design but had never worked with ice or ice cream before this project.

The cake she designed “is inspired by the very elegant forms of ice crystals and mountain flowers, like the famous edelweiss,” she explains. “The different petals of a flower are stacked on top of each other in a sculptural way. They represent an unconventional ‘iceberg.’”

Available in two flavors chosen for their popularity in France, the sun-yellow ice cream flower cake is made with macadamia nut brittle ice cream and mango sorbet, on a bed of hazelnut biscuit with a heart of passion fruit coulis. The white ice cream flower cake has caramel biscuit and cream, biscuits and vanilla ice cream, with a creamy caramel center laid on a bed of crunchy praline.

The 2011 holiday cakes, which serve six to eight, range in price from $42 to $57.

Shoppers also looking for a contemporary take on the traditional yule log can purchase Häagen-Dazs bûches glacées (ice cream logs) available in chocolate raspberry or chocolate praline.