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Twitterview with Jim Cuene

We conducted another “Twitterview” today. If you’re not familiar with the concept, a Twitterview means we ask the questions on Twitter (our account is @GeneralMills), and our interviewee answers them in 140 characters or less.

Each tweet ends with our hashtag of #genmillstv, so it’s easy to follow along as the conversation unfolds.

Our latest “Twitterview” subject was Jim Cuene, the director of Interactive Marketing at General Mills (also known as @jcuene on Twitter).

Here’s a transcript, as it appeared online:

Question #1: What’s your title/role at General Mills, how long have you been w/ the company?

Cuene: Dir – Interactive Marketing. It’s been 5 awesome years!

Question #2: Where did you grow up, go to college, first job?

Cuene: Born and raised in Titletown USA (Green Bay), home of the Super Bowl champion @packers. #gopack

Went to college at St. Thomas (Twin Cities) and Purdue. First job=commercial actor at age 8.

Question #3: How does digital marketing help us build deeper relationships with consumers?

Cuene: The best digital tools make it easier for brands to communicate around shared values and common interests.

And when brands find common grounds with consumers, messaging is more relevant, not annoying=good relationships.

Question #4: Is digital a part of every campaign now?

Cuene: Most of them in some way. Becoming increasingly important for better insights, relevance and value to consumers.

Question #5: How has our approach shifted as technology has advanced?

Cuene: It’s less about technology, more about how humans use it to solve problems, connect, etc …

Less interruptive ads, more service oriented content. Plus, brands are focusing more on useful, relevant content.

Brands reflect world they live in, as humans connect more so should brands. Can’t be “mass” in a “networked” world.

Question #6: How have we changed the way we create content in order to make it easier to view/share from mobile devices?

Cuene: Trying to make the content a) visible on mobile screens and b) much more shareable. We’re getting the basics first …

…then we’ll make it context aware and tune it for more relevance for on the go use cases.

Question #7: G-WIN Digital was launched last week, tell us about it.

Cuene: It’s our first (of multiple) steps to create a more effective way for smart start ups to reach out to us …

…with ideas that will help in our focus experimentation areas: mobile, video and gaming …

In time, we’ll have a full-on effort to drive marketing and cultural innovation via start up partnerships and programs.

Question #8: Last question, what are your favorite General Mills products or brands?

Cuene: Dunkaroos? Actually, Lucky Charms, Totino’s, Nature Valley granola bars, Yoplait Greek, Muir Glen, Progresso Chicken Noodle.

Editor’s note: Jim Cuene was recently named to the “iMedia 25 – 2011 Internet Marketing Leaders and Innovators.”

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