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Betty White’s birthday cake

I can’t believe I met Betty White, let alone planned, delivered and presented her with a one-of-a-kind birthday cake for her star-studded 90th birthday celebration in Los Angeles!

Good thing I have a picture to prove it; the entire experience is still a bit of a blur.

At the Betty Crocker Kitchens we work on all kinds of fun projects, but this one …it takes the cake.

We were ecstatic to create the custom cake for Betty’ White’s 90th birthday special. To add to the excitement, Jennifer and Ann, my friends and co-workers, also helped and attended the taping of the show that aired Monday, January 16 on NBC (“Betty White’s 90th Birthday: A Tribute to America’s Golden Girl”).

What led up to the magical moment when Betty blew out the candles?

Here’s the story!

Creating the Cake: A Golden Experience

After hours of research and sketching we came up with the design for the Triple Chocolate Celebration Cake by combining classic flavors with modern design.

This very special three-tiered creation is a decadent chocolate cake layered with both chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache. The bold colors and personalized decorations reflect Betty’s vibrant personality and the many things we love about her.

Seventy-five handmade fondant roses were added to represent her character Rose from the Golden Girls television show. Gold accents in the form of pearls, candles and the number 90 symbolize “America’s Golden Girl.”

For a finishing touch we added an edible gift tag with a personalized birthday wish from Betty Crocker (who also turned 90 this year)!

“Oh wow! You made this for me,” she said. “And you came all the way from Minneapolis?” She was just as genuine as I imagined.

Her favorite touch was the small replica of her beloved dog, Pontiac, that was hiding among the roses. She couldn’t resist giving the white chocolate dog a scratch behind the ears, and we don’t blame her!

Extra Special Delivery, Cake Coming Through

So just how does a three-tier birthday cake make its way from Minneapolis to Los Angeles?

Believe it or not, by jet! We packed up the extra special cake, gave it its own seat and took off for the coast.

Once we landed in L.A. we transported the cake by van to the Biltmore Hotel. Check out the super steep driveway to the loading dock. We all held our breaths and crossed our fingers that the cake wouldn’t slip. Luckily, our precious cargo was safe and sound. WHEW!

One Cake For Betty, 300 For Her Friends

We’ll admit it, we’re obsessed with cake here in the Betty Crocker Kitchens. So much so, that we made 300 individual cakes to serve celebrity guests at the taping of the show. After all, what’s better than your own mini cake?

Each mini chocolate cake was wrapped in orange fondant and topped with a single glittery rose, mimicking Betty White’s Triple Chocolate Celebration Cake. A gold border, edible gift tag and colorful fondant confetti scattered on the plates completed the look.

The cakes were served in the gorgeous Crystal Ballroom of the Biltmore right before the taping of the show began. And yes, we can report that celebrities love birthdays, too!

Happy Birthday from One Betty to Another

Ann (Below, right), Jennifer (center) and I were thrilled to create the cake for Betty White’s 90th birthday special. It’s an experience we won’t soon forget.

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