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FORTUNE’s Best Companies rankings revealed

Couldn’t sleep. I was restless all night waiting for the news.

Early this morning, we learned where General Mills ranks on Fortune’s 2012 100 Best Companies to Work For list, which is, in my view, the most prestigious and well-known ranking of the best workplaces in America.

I reached for my iPad. The rankings were scheduled to be live online this morning at the crack of dawn. As I waited for the screen to refresh and for the results to appear in front of me, I must admit that my heart was beating pretty fast in anticipation. Yes! We made the list again! (We’ve also posted the information on GeneralMills.com.)

Of course I believe that General Mills is a great place to work. I had confidence in the team that crafted our application, but I knew the responses and feedback from our employees would earn us a great spot on the list.

Since two-thirds of a company’s score is based on the employee survey, this truly is an endorsement of how employees view General Mills’ workplace.

In the internal employee surveys we do each year, our employees consistently express their pride and satisfaction with our company and how likely they would be to recommend General Mills to a friend. How General Mills is an inclusive environment that’s accepting of differences.

But, how would that compare with what employees at other companies had to say? For the employee survey portion of the application, would employees share the same positive feedback and rich experiences with Fortune that they shared with us?

Yes, in turns out that they did.

General Mills made the list for the fifth consecutive year and the 10th time overall.

It’s a privilege to lead the application process for awards such as these. I love sharing our story.  So I’m thrilled to announce that General Mills ranks 63rd on the 2012 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

Thank you to all of the General Mills employees who make this company a supportive, challenging and inclusive place to work for all of our employees.

Like lots of folks, I came to General Mills expecting to stay for a short while and gain professional experience. I never expected that the company would become my home for almost a dozen years. I’ll simply say that people smile here.

To celebrate the announcement, we invited employees from around the U.S. to respond to the question “From your perspective, what makes General Mills a great workplace?”

Read the results here and smile.