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News Bites – January 20, 2012

Food for the big game, gluten-free help at the grocery store, and the story behind Betty Crocker’s holiday campaign to provide you help in the kitchen … just a few of the articles and posts we’re sharing in this week’s “News Bites.”

Each Friday, we pick a few links that cover the food industry, General Mills and our blog categories. We also highlight content from other General Mills blogs and websites.

“Behind Betty Crocker’s Winning Holiday Social Campaign” – ClickZ

*If you tweeted to the #Betty911 hashtag on Twitter or posed a question on the Betty Crocker Facebook page before Thanksgiving or your holiday gatherings last month, you know how helpful Betty’s food experts were. This article provides some insight into how the Betty Crocker team made it happen.

“Trying to Decide on a Cause-Marketing Category? Consumer Location is Key” – AdAge

*This article, aimed at advertisers and marketers in any industry, features a quote from Zack Ruderman with Box Tops for Education.

“The battle against food waste” – The New York Times

*Kate Galbraith examines the need to reduce the amount tof food that is wasted, around the world. (We blogged about food waste reduction in a three-part series in November, beginning with this post.)

“Study: The Company Behind The Brand More Important Than Ever” – Forbes

*How do you make decisions about what products and brands you buy? Chris Perry shares insight from a survey of consumers and senior executives from the U.S, United Kingdom, China and Brazil.

“Supermarkets Become Gluten-Free Guides” – Supermarket News

*Jeff Wells reports on how retailers are trying to reach out to the growing community of gluten-intolerant shoppers.

“No-Guilt Snacking Is Best Offense for Football Fans” – Progressive Grocer

*The NFL season has reached its final weekends. Time for a party, right? This article shares some interesting details on game-day snacking, from a survey by Supervalu.

Notable posts from various General Mills communities:

“Steamed Chinese Dumplings” – Tablespoon

*Tablespoon contributor “Macheesmo,” Nick from Grand Junction, Co. (Macheesmo) provides a delicious homemade dumpling recipe.

“Guide to going vegetarian” – Valley Report (Green Giant)

*Thinking about becoming a vegetarian? Green Giant offers some advice.

“Weight Management Advice for the New Year” – The Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition blog

*Karin Nehm shares five tips for anyone who made a resolution to lose weight in 2012.

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