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Addicks talks tech with USA Today

More than merely functional, food packaging creates a great opportunity to engage and even entertain consumers.

In a video posted on USAToday.com, General Mills Chief Marketing Officer Mark Addicks talked with technology writer Jefferson Graham about how digital technology has spurred many exciting opportunities for marketers – from cereal packaging to social media to brand philanthropy.

Graham sat down with Mark as part of USA Today’s Talking Tech feature, for which Graham has interviewed executives from companies such as Coca-Cola and Pandora about technology in business.

When speaking about future possibilities for packaging made possible by cutting edge technology, Mark said: “Maybe some functional content will pop up on a cake mix box, or you might see entertainment and games coming from a cereal box. What I’m hoping for is pure entertainment.”

Mark shared how even General Mills’ most mature and iconic brands, such as 90-year-old Betty Crocker, are engaging consumers using digital technology to provide relevant, fresh content.

“…She [Betty] is building communities. Betty is a platform. She provides a kitchen for everyone around the world to start giving and sharing their ideas and making recipes better. She’s a pretty interactive character at this point.”

What digital food packaging examples have you noticed on grocery store shelves? Do you use and share food content using social media?