Feb 03, 2012 • By

Baby finds Cheerios funny

When Sally Marsters uploaded a video of her two sons to YouTube this week, her main motivation was to show a funny moment between brothers to family, via Facebook.

Well, it’s been passed around enough online – with 23,000 views as I post this – that it captured our attention too. They’re the latest “Fans of our Brands” here on “A Taste of General Mills.”

The video features her boys Harry, 3, and Ollie, seven months, at her kitchen table earlier this week in Norfolk, in the U.K.

Harry is eating Cheerios for a snack. And Ollie clearly finds that funny.

Marsters told me, in this audio clip, that she’s surprised her video has been viewed so much.

Marsters says it’s not unusual for Ollie to laugh at Harry. “He loves pretty much anything Harry does. He can make him laugh more than I can, certainly.”

She says Harry enjoys watching the video clip over and over. “We’ve had to save it in the favorites on YouTube on my phone so he can watch it,” she says. “He thinks it’s hilarious!”

Thanks for sharing your story, Sally! And, for sharing it with “A Taste of General Mills.”