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Ethics in action

Ethics in the workplace is a priority at General Mills. Every day, as employees around the world make choices that have the power to impact not only the company, but also their careers, the decision-making needs to be thoughtful.

That was a key message employees heard at our third-annual “Ethics in Action” event yesterday at our main office.

Dubbed “Real Ethics,” this year’s program featured a panel of senior leaders who shared real-life examples of dilemmas that many companies face on topics ranging from gift acceptance to entertainment, from conflicts of interest to cultural standards.

Ann Simonds, senior vice president and president of the Pillsbury division, was on the panel. I talked with her afterward, in this video clip, about the importance General Mills places on being ethical on the job.

Linda Soranno, vice president and deputy general counsel, says many companies are working hard to encourage employees to raise ethical concerns.

The common challenges for companies, she says, are ensuring you have the right “tone at the top” – meaning strong senior leader support of ethical business practices and that they effectively communicate those expectations.

“We want to make sure employees know that we sincerely want to hear about concerns – even if they end up being unfounded,” says Linda. “The point is that by raising issues to all the channels we provide, we can appropriately respond.”